The XYZ Affair

The XYZ Affair


What would be the purpose of forming a rock band in New York City that ignores all trends currently permeating the undergound scene? Catch one sweat-drenched hook-laden live performance by The XYZ Affair and you'll have your answer.


Formed in early 2002, the four-piece rock outfit known as The XYZ Affair has spent the last three years crafting their sound and garnering packed houses in some of New York's top underground rock clubs.

Without the helping hand of a label or the press, The XYZ Affair has earned regular offers for weekend slots at top clubs like the Knitting Factory, Sin-e, and The Luna Lounge, proving that great songwriting and true musicianship is its own promotion. Their familiar yet unique brand of complexly melodic rock -- which has drawn comparisons to The Who, late-era Dismemberment Plan, and Brian Wilson -- proves that it is possible to be substantive yet catchy, anomalous yet accessible. The XYZ Affair is through hiding. Meet the smiling new face of rock.



"Good To Know But Hard To Tell EP" (Self Released, May 2003)
-College radio play at NYU, Boston University, Amherst College, Chapman University, Yeshiva University

"Trouble on the Ivory Coast" (Single; Self Released, December 2003)

"The XYZ Affair EP II" (Self released, December 2004)

"The XYZ Affair EP III" (Self released, April 2005)

Set List

Typical set length: 45 minutes - 1 hour