Guelph, Ontario, CAN
BandRockNew Age

We are: 5 chill dudes who don't sing, we just play music... really intense music -theyageletters


Based on outside thinking coupled with a vast array of musical influences such as, Mogwai, Pink Floyd and Tool, theyageletters have begun to forge their own unique blend of intense instrumental post rock. The quintet have spent months crafting their passionate orchestrations while taking the world renowned Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College. After just one year of being together, theyageletters, released their debut ep entitled “Grow > Build” which contained live recordings from one of their premier shows at “Attic Studio’s” in London Ontario. One year later, with their sound perfected, they released their highly anticipated full-length album, entitled “Hieroglyphics”. The 70 minute, 7 song, movie inspired offering was produced and recorded independently by the band over a span of several months. Samples of their ambient, melodic, yet fierce pieces, have been made available on their website After three successful cross Ontario tours and a vast array of shows, theyageletters have gained an instant credibility in the underground post-rock community.

Currently, theyageletters are working on their second full length cd entitled "Yage+1"


Hieroglyphics (2008)
-featured on CBC Radio3, Far Past Post (US), Last Fm, The Sound of Confusion (UK)
-Two Towers:'s featured song of the week

Grow > Build EP (2007)
- featured on CBC Radio3, Fanshawe Radio (London ON,) to Far Past Post (Oakland, CA) to 'Now Like Photographs' instrumental radio show (Minneapolis, MN)

Set List

Set #1
1. Two Towers - 9:00 min
2. The Fifth Element 13:17
3. The Sixth Sense 7:26

Set #2
1. Fourth Angel 11:30min
2. Two Towers 9:00min
3. Sixth Sense 7:26min
4. The Fifth Element 13:17min

set time (approx): 30-45 mins

No covers.