The Yarbles

The Yarbles


We have a dynamic live show, with songs ranging from fast paced rock abandon, to dancy and poppy, to more dark, creepy, moody music.


Some of our influences lie in the independent bands of the 1980's (like the bands on the labels Dischord and SST records) and we also hold ourselves to their asthetic. We have a different sound than most Detroit bands one reads about, for while we do enjoy straight rock, we also address the need to have an eclectic sound, therefore incorporating styles of blues, improvisation, narrative lyrics and waltzes into our songwriting. Something that definately sets us apart is our age, we are all 18-19, and started the band when we were all still in high school, and we played shows all through high school as well. Some people have not thought much of us in the past because of our age before hearing us. But after hearing us we have recieved many compliments along the lines of "Wow. I just saw some young kids up there and expected you to suck. You guys play way beyond your ages."


We have released one single on X! Records ( and are in the process of recording our first LP at this very moment.

Set List

Our sets are usually about 40 min. (although, we can make a set fit whatever timeframe is open for us). Some songs we usually include are:
Microscope Hands
Yao Ming has SARS
Blasters and Hangers
Outta Here
Ladel Side Blues