The Yardies

The Yardies

 Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

The Yardies are an eclectic mix of well seasoned musicians with only one goal on our minds, to rock you with a fresh blend of reggae, rock, roots, ska and all around feel good music. Our live shows consist of a wide variety of music sure to please any music fan and don't be afraid to dance!


The Yardies are an eclectic mix of well seasoned musicians with one goal in mind, to rock you with a fresh blend or reggae, rock, roots, ska, and all around feel good music. To try and sum The Yardies up in one genre is impossible. The style of music crosses all borders. It appeals to your heart, mind, body, and soul. Our live shows consist of awesome stage presence with a culmination of a trumpet being set on fire during a solo! The members hail from all different backgrounds in music, all with very different influences as well. We come from the south suburbs of Chicago and plan on spreading the good vibes all over the country! Each member plays a key role in Yardies, all with a different unique job in the band. The vocals are powerful and thought provoking. The music ranges from covers to originals to improv jams, all depending on what the crowd feeds off of. All in all, seeing the Yardies is an experience unlike any other. You will go home singing the catchy tunes for days on end!! Check us out on Facebook @ and our brand new website which will be live soon at! Lots of great stuff coming on the horizon so stay tuned and join our mailing list to keep up with all the happenings as of late! See you on stage soon! Peace, Love, and Respect!

Youtube Links to some LIVE VIDEOS - - Congress Theater - Congress Theater Part II -Congress Theater Part III - Live from Limestone Brewery - Live from Venue 815


Live @ The Congress Theatre - Chicago IL 5/1/10

Have been featured on the Frank Radio Show( as up and coming indie artist to not miss out on!

Set List

Covers consist of songs by bands such as:

The Mad Caddies
The Slackers
Bob Marley

classics such as Vehicle, and I Will Survive (with a fresh modern twist!)

Originals sound unlike anything you've ever heard - a nice mix of reggae, rock, dub, roots, and ska all rolled into a nice package that makes it easy to rock out to or just dance and have a great time!