The Yarrow

The Yarrow


We are an indie rock band that uses, at times, French Horn, violin, keys, and the regular rock instruments. We also play for charity and are extremely good looking.


We are The Yarrow, a Provo, Utah based indie rock band. This far in our career, we’ve donated everything we’ve made to a local charity, and we’re proud of the difference we are making in our community. We’re currently working on our debut EP, and we know our material has potential to be superb. We plan on continuing to be socially conscious and active in promoting causes we believe are worthy and admirable, although as our fan base and influence expand, we will search out more global charitable causes.

We have a diverse and charismatic band and a good-sized local following. We have been featured in Utah’s 3 biggest newspapers as well as dozens of magazines, blogs and newscasts. We’ve played well over a hundred sweaty, crazy, interactive live shows to date. Instruments include French horn, violin, keys and hand percussion, along with the usual. With that kind of awesomeness, we are BOUND to be great! We would love a chance to talk, be it in person or via phone/Skype, about the potential of this band and the possibility of a relationship. Thanks for making music.


Favor Fire (2011)