The Yarrows

The Yarrows


Psychological, song-oriented, smartly poetic, atmospheric & textural indie rock band.


Fronted by brothers Matt & Pierce Backes, the yarrows formed in 2002 in a once-abandoned boy scout lodge in rural New Jersey. Through a process of experimentation, desire, and plenty of failure, the yarrows delevoped immediate and often urgent songs, sweeping soundscapes, a sound that’s not naïve and not ironic, created with palpable care.


Plum (Emprean Record, 2007)
Untitled/This All Used To Be Farms (self-released EP, 2004); Eponymous (EP, 2002).

Streaming lots of places (e.g., village voice podcast,beghtol,76762,22.html).

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes. Have played this year sets as short as 30 minutes and as long as 3 hours. No covers.