The Years

The Years


Magnet Magazine says: "What the Stones were, what the Dandy Warhols could've been---it's inspiration in a "didn't know they made 'em like that anymore" kind of way. And what's this? Pretty-boy faces, shaggy hair and vintage denim?'re about to get blinded by the hype"


The Years are just a rock and roll band. Without regard for any particular era or scene, the band plays the kind of unpretentious, swaggery rock that is never completely in or out of style. That’s not to cast the band as a retro outfit, but instead as a group with a clear sense of rock’s tradition. And although they are sometimes Badfinger-inspired balladeers, and sometimes rockers with Sticky Fingers, the Years always manage to distill the disparate influences they’ve absorbed from their record collection into something compelling.

The Years were formed in mid 2003, after brothers Chris and Jeff Kinnon’s previous band, Mount Pleasant, dissolved. Mount Pleasant was one of Vancouver’s most critically acclaimed bands, playing a brand of orthodox pop that was once described as “Teenage Fanclub meets Teenage Fanclub”. The young band beat out 1500 other groups to win a national contest on Canada’s CBC Radio, as well as one of Canada’s prestigious Galaxie prizes. But the Kinnon brother’s rock instincts couldn’t be suppressed, and Mount Pleasant had to be sacrificed. With new guitarist Sean Casey and bassist Enzo, Chris and Jeff had a new group of rockers committed to undiluted rock and roll.

In late 2003, the Years recorded with legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Hot Hot Heat). These recordings resulted in a deal with TVT Records. Since then, the Years have shared the stage with Jet, the Zutons, Ambulance LTD, the Ponys, The Dirtbombs, the Paybacks, Fu Manchu, Starlite Desperation and the Kings of Leon.

The band just finished recording its debut record with Dave Cobb (Shooter Jennings, Rock and Roll Soldiers), and are getting ready for heavy touring for the rest of 2005 and 2006.


Debut EP and LP forthcoming,

Set List

From 20 minutes to 50 minutes.