The Year's Best

The Year's Best


The Year's Best builds on strong vocal harmonies over acoustic tones and catchy melodies. Pop infuences are shown throughout, with a modern sound coming into play during performances. The ability to adapt to venue constraints and audiences makes them a versatile and satisfying experience.


The Year's Best began in the summer of 2001 in Barre VT, where Mike Wheeler and guitarist Adam Fuller began collaborating on original songs. The results seemed so catchy and promising that the two recruited a drummer and began hashing out punk/pop tunes at a speedy rate. A few months later, after establishing some songs, they invited Sean Martin (bass/backup vocals) into the mix. Vocal harmonies became an important aspect of the band's sound a short time after Sean's arrival. At the time the band was heavily influenced by popular emo/pop/rock/punk bands of the time such as Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World and they began producing songs to that same effect. After about a year of evolving as music performers and listeners and mucking through the over used and genre identifying sound of distorted guitars, the band traded in on an acoustic sound which offered a brighter and richer style that greatly complimented the writing method then used to develop the bands first full length release in September of 2003, Interview with Sentiment. The band soon separated with their original drummer and welcomed Kevin Bell, a long time friend and accomplished drummer. The Year's Best continues to evolve indie pop with their heartening tunes and straight-ahead lyrics as they perform live regularly in and around central and outer Vermont. Live shows illustrate a polish and energy rarely seen by bands in this genre and the band is becoming quickly recognized by nearby colleges and the local music scene. Their second album, It's Not Easy Being Me Around You, was released in september of 2005. The record displays a much more matured collection of songs than previous efforts and signifies the band's continual growth towards a unique yet very accessible sound. The band has resided in Burlington VT for over almost two years now, where fans have been seeking them out for their niche performances in a scene over crowded with jam/jazz/funk bands and metal shows.


Say It Again

Written By: Mike Wheeler

You're a breath of fresh air its true,
Who knew, who knew, who knew
Now you can't blame me for myself
I breathed you in

Sickness means nothing to me
In due, in due, in due
Time is cleansing but lets just forget
Who needs to heal

Say it again
Say it again
Say this will always be this way

Say it again
Say it again
Tell me you'll always be the same

Help me i'm complicated
Whats new, whats new, whats new
I could swim into your eyes tonight
Just let me in

The Reaper He Will Reap

Written By: Mike Wheeler

When you said tomorrow maybe
Will we get a chance to sleep
If my aching eyes don't close
The reaper, he will reap

I came to our last conclusion
In times like this wit is shy
We covered our shallow heads
And left them in the sand to dry

Once in broken passage
And if our eyes had met
Could you resist my smile
And would we stop to rest

One plain open treehouse
One more time to buy
Time is my alcohol
It left me here to die alone


One Word After Another (2002)
Interview with Sentiment (2003)
It's Not Easy Being Me Around You (2005)

"The Longest Game" from the album, Interview With Sentiment is played on 99.9 the Buzz, reaching Northern Vermont, Montreal and Eastern New York.

Set List

Typical Set List:

Till There Was You
The Longest Game
Rocket Chemistry
If Not for this One Time
Say It Again
Electric Night
Four Leaf
Fortune Telling Fish
Calling Cards
The Reaper He Will Reap
Raceway Frantics
Below My Feet
Threads of My Despair
One Last Go
Your Investment
See You Soon
The One You Need
Blue Riots in the Aquarium
Words and Wishes

Sets can be anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 and 1/2 hours...depending on the show's requirements. Also we can change the style of our set depending on the expected audience. No covers, all originals.