The Yeh Deadlies

The Yeh Deadlies


C86, Oirish, Rawkusss, melodic, Lyrical, danceable...all that good stuff, I hate writing this kind of thing. The music is catchy. Sodom and begorrah.


The Yeh Deadlies formed in 2006 when founder members Johnny Quagmeire (ex retards, ex strangleberries) and Aoife O Cara (ex Bastard Sons of Boris Karloff) discovered some mutual interests and started demoing together. The ranks soon swelled. There are now five. They play Indie rocking popabilly- or something. The songs are catchy and melodic, and often danceable. Look closer and you'll catch a glimpse of the kitchen knife clutched behind their backs.


Not yet. Currently recording an EP for release on GOODNOW MUSIC(USA), entitled "A Giant Saucer Lies the Lake".

Set List

Hung like a Noose
Do the Worm
Telstar of the county down
Funeral Suit
Horses with melting eyes
Teenage Pricks