The Yellow Dogs

The Yellow Dogs


... Brothers Of Jackal,we are the most active underground indie rock band in Iran.It's been 3 years that we rocked in heart of axis of evil,with out paying any attentions to the strict laws of Iran.and finally we reach newyork city and we had a show in santos party house and lot of cool other venues


The Yellow Dogs is an iranian underground indie rock band which formed back in 2006 in Tehran by Souroush"Looloosh"(guitar/synth) and Kourosh"Koori"(bassist) after they have left Hypernova(a succesful iranian rock band,now touring the U.S).They searched for a drummer with their taste of music in Tehran,finaly they found Sina"Ziiina" as their drummer.They built a closet size practicing room on roof top of Zina's house by their own hands.They sound proofed the room for not bothering the nieghbours while practicing with high volume level.
After a few months they founded Siavash"Obaash" as their Vocalist/Guitarist in 2007,and they started to make their own musics.

Playing live concerts had always been like a dream for them,but because Iranian goverment illegelized western music and they didn't allow the rock bands to play in public places,so they have never tasted it before.They decided to ignor the strict islamic laws of Iran and throw concerts in safe places with their own money.
In summer of 2007 they came together with their close friends,Free Keys which is a tehran based prog rock trio to prepared a whole garage/basement with capacity of 200 person for throwing underground concerts.7 members of the both bands put their own money together and sound proofed the whole place by their own hands,they also made a stage and found a genius lightman for throwing a series of underground concerts.The result was 2 extra ordinery concerts.That was the first time they made money by their music in Iran.

In 2008 they played an importent rule in a film about underground music scene in Iran directed by iranian award winning director Bahman Ghobadi which called "Nobody Knows About Persian Cats".They played one of their songs called "New Century" in their practing room.The film rewarded in Festivals De Canne 2009,in section of "Un Certain Regard".Now they are going to show the film in the U.S and also Europe and The Yellow Dogs is going to play in opening of this film in the U.S.

In 2009 Reza Sayah interviewed them as one of the only active underground indie rock band in Iran and also in Middle East,in a program called Inside The Middle East on C.N.N.
Also they were invited to perform in SXSW 2009 in Austin/Texas,but because of problems with getting passports in Iran they missed that oppertunity.

Now they are recording their first EP and getting ready for playing some gigs in the U.S and also they invited to perform in CMJ 2009 Music Marathon in New York and SXSW Music Festival 2010 in Austin/Texas,so it's going to be a busy year for them.

The only thing that made them to go this far and try this hard is the love they have for music! It's very hard to have a rock band in the islamic country where musicians are guilty,So they want to leave their home country and try to play music in a free country with more ears to hear their musics



Written By: yellow dogs

i am an original Iranian man
every day i use to fuck nine camel maybe ten
there's oil in my veins *2
my daddy was a pilot of an airplane
he had a crash with two towers in september 11
there's oil in my veins *2
24 hours of a day
half of it i fuck,half of it i pray
i joined the army from the day i born
our leader said,put it in the hole
20 million koskhol x2
hairy asses,bears,and opidol
when the God is emperor,it's under control
20 million koskhol x2
conflict,conflict with all the world,republic
conflict,conflict with all the world,republiccccc


1.Be The Same Again
2.Desert Girl (recorded)
3.Sex Machine (recorded)
4.Pigs (recorded)
5.What A Life I Waste
6.My Woman
7.Modern World (recorded with bad quality)
8.My Country (recorde with bad quality)

9.Dance Floor Rules For Ever (recorded with bad quality)
10.Koskhol (recorded with bad quality)
11.Made In China (recorded with bad quality)
12.Same Old Love Story (recorded with bad quality)
13.New Century (recorded)

14.Flying Carpet (recorded)
16.Where He Belongs
17.Get Use To The Life You're Living

Set List

1.Desert Girl
2.Sex Machine
4.My Country
5.Dance Floor Rules For Ever
7.Made In China
8.Same Old Love Story
9.New Century
10.Flying Carpet
12.Where He Belongs
13.Get Use To The Life You're Living