The Yesterdays

The Yesterdays


Think one acoustic, one electric. Think 2 singer-songwriters - one who loves the Stones, one who idolizes Jeff Tweedy. Think tubes, not transformers. And think, above all, of rock and roll - not emo, screamo, or new-wave anything else - just New York rock and roll, pure and simple.


Melodic rock, New York style...that is what happened when singer/songwriters David Silverman and Adam Swiderski met at a diner in Hoboken, NJ and decided to play music together. The addition of Brian Bair (drums) and Peter Niessen (bass) made the package complete - creating a band that has been compared stylistically to the likes of the Replacements, the Gin Blossoms, Wilco and the Counting Crows.

Now, after nearly two years of rocking in and around NewYork City and the eastern U.S., the Yesterdays have honed themselves into a finely tuned music-delivery machine. The Yesterdays entered the studio in late 2003 to record their first EP, Everything You Never Knew.

According to one reviewer, "the band's energy shines through sawing guitars backed by pumping bass and strong drums, showcasing a band capable of exploring diverse musical territory." Ranging from searing to introspective, Everything You Never Knew captures a young band experimenting with different styles, but always linked by a love of melody and guitar.


Demo: Fourteen Blocks of Glory (September 2002)
EP: Everyhing You Never Knew (April 2004)

Set List

The Yesterdays are capable of a diverse set length - posessing almost unlimited material, thanks to the prodigous output of the band's two singer / songwriters. The band typically has played in New York bars that offer bands one-hour sets, or time to play 9 - 11 songs.