They Mean Us

They Mean Us


We will give your subconscious some new ideas.


Formed in February of 2006, They Mean Us have been playing throughout the State of Texas with an idea of encouraging free/progressive thought through instrumental music.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the history of music and help progress the ideas within.

"Music like this is few and far between. Revel in it."
- Blake Solomon of AbsolutePunk.Net

"If They Mean Us can't grab you with their own brand of quirky, twisty beauty, then there is absolutely no way that any sort of fancy wording on my part is going to be able to fix what must be intense damage to whatever nerve it is in your head that makes you recognize good music."
- Cassie Gressell of ForTheSound.Com


Friendship Lottery E.P. - self-release 2007

For The Stereo Impaired E.P. - self release 2010

Set List

Man, Boy
Dan Mason
Japanese Funglasses
Stereo Impaired
Vile In Vial Out

Set length is usually 40 minutes.