The Youjsh

The Youjsh

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

This raucous arty-party six-piece joyously defy classification. You will dance, laugh and meet your future wife. "Like Michael Jackson crashed a Jewish wedding," (Montreal Mirror) The Youjsh "get the best of every type of music that I can think of,
save maybe thrash metal or something." (Tune-yards)


Combining elements of jazz, klezmer, rock, and improvised music, the Youjsh defy classification. One thing is certain, however – their duelling horns and rock-solid rhythm section get feet on the dance floor. According to pianist, composer, and bandleader Malcolm Sailor, inspiration for the Youjsh originated in Montreal neighborhood St Henri's underground klezmer-punk scene (which, conveniently, happened to be located in his apartment). Two years later, the Youjsh have shared the stage with Tune-Yards, Socalled, and the Budos Band and been featured at Pop Montreal 2008-2010, FringePop 2008 and 2010, the Montreal Jewish Music Festival and the L'Off Festival du Jazz de Montreal.

The band's name – derived from “the usual” - belies one of its most unique attributes: the fact that each song is dedicated to Malcolm Sailor's former flatmate Steve Day. Titles like “You are the Steve Day of my Life”, “How Fast Can Steve Day Go?” and “What the World Needs Now is Day, Steve Day” create a musical landscape which is by turns autobiographical and eccentric, but rocks without fail!


"I can't believe Steve Day is OK with this" EP, 2010