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""a great band""

"a great band"

Pete Seeger - ver batum

"The Deli Magazine"

One of the weirdest, funnest, most creative, and original cross pollinations of talent that you can imagine in a show.

- The Deli Magazine

"The Knoxville Journal"

Bluegrass, Amercana and folk music lovers looking for something a bit more edgy will love The Younger Sister Band - The Knoxville Journal

"The Free Weekly - Columbia, SC"

OK, all together now, just like in the Pace commercials -- "New York City?!" The Big Apple is the home base for the Younger Sister Band, whose easygoing Americana sound would be more likely to have come out of, say, the Carter Family fold in western Virginia. Like the Mammals or Donna the Buffalo, the Younger Sister Band takes traditional fare and spices it up with modern energy and enthusiasm on its new debut album, No Desire. The band is a regular on the NYC club scene and has toured as far as Europe and South Africa. The Plowboys and Petrillo Relents will play acoustic opening sets for this show, which is being held at the house of Bill Stevens, bassist for both local groups. - The Free Weekly, Columbia, SC

"HillBilly Heaven"

Hell yeah yanks know how to have fun and play some mighty fine roots music... fantastic female voices... and sensual strings will put your mind and soul in a better place. A place full of down-home loving and good toe tappin' and heel kickin' fun with friends. - HillBilly Heaven, WUSC

"Off The Beaten Track"

[The Younger Sister Band is] a creative and eclectic mix of varopius styles of American roots music with a fresh modern sensibility.

- Off The Beaten Track

"Singer Moves From Visual to Artistic Persuits in The Younger Sister Band"

For six months while she traveled the Indian subcontinent, exploring out-of-the-way villages and studying yoga and meditation, Jessica Segall kept returning in her mind to the band that formed at her going-away party.

It began at the behest of Brian Sakonchick, who grew up on the same block as Segall and whom she had known since they were 2 years old. Over the years, their paths continued to cross as they migrated to the Big Apple and its underground roots and folk music scene, and as she prepared to leave for India, he suggested putting a group together to perform.

"We played a couple of times before I left, and the whole time I was there, I kept thinking about it," Segall told The Daily Times this week. "I think it was something about being in India. Artwork in India has a completely different context — it's based on spiritual and communal life and not on ego. In New York, art is based much more on individual ego. The music scene is a much more communal experience, so in that sense, when I knew it was time to come back and do more personal work, I kept thinking about music."

Thus began Segall's journey from the visual to the musical arts. Exposed to old blues and bluegrass by her folk musician father, she grew up in upstate New York, home to a healthy bluegrass scene and appreciative of traditional country and roots-oriented folk. For Southerners, the idea of rootsy, Appalachian-style Old Time music being made in the concrete jungles of New York City may seem like an oxymoron, but for Segall, it's all about connecting with something real.

"I feel like music is universal, and I feel like I'm attracted to good music," she said. "In another sense, I feel like my attraction comes from listening to early American music when it wasn't so processed. It's a sound that's authentic and nutritious for everybody, and that's the attraction for me."

Until three years ago, Segall studied painting, but her travels to India led her back to the folk music she used to play with her father and the rest of her family. Upon her return to the States, she and Sakonchick tapped a number of other musicians with whom they had crossed paths over the years, and the Younger Sister Band was born.

"It was a gradual thing, something we all put effort into," she said. "Everyone has their own individual artistic pursuits, but we all remain committed to music."

The band recently released "No Desire," its debut album. Of the 20 songs the members had chosen from their repertoire, 16 made it on — and with a combination of folk, jazz, swing, Old Time and bluegrass in the mix, it's a rollicking affair that should motivate dancers when the band performs Saturday at Patrick Sullivan's Saloon in Knoxville's Old City.

"With four songwriters, it's still a very communal process in deciding what to record," she said. "One of us will bring in a song, and everyone will add their own individual elements to it. That's what makes it so unique."

- The Daily Times, Knoxville


"No Desire" 2006, Monvercomp
numerous tracks receive airplay on local and college radio including "Do Right", "Hop Horn Beam" and "No Desire"
"The Lady Wins Again" release summer 2008



For three years the Younger Sister Band has played New York premiere clubs, and local haunts, developing a committed and consistent audience. They have toured across the east coast and Canada, and performed at festivals including the Clearwater Revival in 2007. They are best known as a live act, where deep friendship a love of traditional American music and onstage antics resonate in a warmth and engagement by everyone in the room. They have performed live on local and college radio across the country. Their debut album, "No Desire" was released February 2007 on Monvercomp LLC, and "The Lady Wins Again" will be in summer 2008.