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The Young Immortals

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



“The Young Immortals write songs that are short and peppy, complete with pop staples like doot-do-doot-da-dos, soul claps and countdowns … it’s just contagious.” - Missoula Independent

"Accessible high energy poetry!"

“Their music can be best described as post-modern-operatic-melodic-rock … keeping its complex edge reminiscent of the 60’s rock movement; it is accessible high energy poetry and most importantly, fun!” - BoZone Entertainment Calendar

"Cut the image of success!"

“Dressed to the nines in resplendent black waiter outfits with white ties, they cut the image of success and put on a high-powered, energy-filled display that best captured the essence of what a rockstar is really all about.” - Positvely Entertainment and Dining

"Badge of honor"

"On the debut album 'A Small Part of Something Beautiful', Jacob Ray's Young Immortals wear their influences on their sleeve like a badge of honor. The haunting qualities of Jeff Buckley, mixed with the pop song craft of the Beatles and Radiohead."

- Willamette Weekly

"Begs for you to sing along!"

The Young Immortals write the soundtrack for your next broken-hearted car ride in the rain. Their album begs for you to sing along between the tears and melodies. The band Rocks but can hold back so you have time to think where this relationship is going. - Willamette Weekly. Volume 31, issue 2


When History Meets Fiction (July 3 2007)
1. Dirty Angels
2. Think Happy
3. The Fever
4. You
5. Lost In July
6. Hot For Sarah
7. Photograph
8. Kin of Infinite Space
9. Unmistakable Day
10. The Money Won’t Last
11. Lipstick Red
12. Royalty
13. Smoke and Mirrors

CUBED (March 2007)
- The Fever
- Motive
- Hot For Sarah

OFF THE CLOCK: VOL 1 (April 2007)
- The Fever

Release TBA


Feeling a bit camera shy


2006 saw the band tour through the western US, win a battle of the bands competition with a $20,000 recording prize, be selected by Starbucks to be on a compilation record available through over 6 thousand of their domestic company operated stores, and have their fan favorite track “The Fever” be added to Starbucks XM75 radio station (in addition to airplay on Portland’s major radio stations KINK and KNRK.)

That The Young Immortals accomplished this without ever having released a record nor an EP nor ever having a rehearsal space nor ever jamming together with electric instruments (all rehearsals are acoustic so as not to annoy the neighbors living next to Jacob’s small one room apartment) is truly psychotic or disturbing or, quite possibly, unfathomably clever. However; most evidence points to The Young Immortals having catchy accessible songs delivered in a high energy performance that appeals to a fast growing audience as evidenced by fan base entirely driven by word of mouth and Myspace referrals.

For The Young Immortals its about their time to rock, its about finding Divine providence in finding the right players at the right time and its about thanking their fans for bringing their friends out to discover and enjoy their new favorite band. Ready to get “The Fever”?