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The Young International

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Album Review"

NEW YORK– They say quality trumps quantity anytime. Some may disagree. They may say that 12 servings of Tad’s medium-well sirloin are better than one Peter Luger porterhouse. Others may say that 40 virgins are better than one professional. Do I need to say that I disagree with these people?

Well, I have to, so here it is: One Peter Luger porterhouse is much better than 12 of Tad’s steaks and it only takes one professional to make my head spin, not 40 beginners.

I used to believe the contrary when it comes to music releases. I always thought that the more songs in a release the better. It’s like entering into a raffle to win a colored television: the more entries one sends the more chances of winning. I think of The Beatles’ White Album or Abbey Road. In 20 plus songs, there must be at least one hit. A short program on the other hand, has less chances of scoring.

But then comes this band called The Young International. The band’s debut release is a self-titled EP.

In a time when bands have access to affordable recording equipment and can pretty much record as many as they want for their releases, The Young International decided to go minimalist and just offer five songs to a public hungry for good music. And needless to say, they satisfy.

Their five-track EP is filling enough for anyone in need of memorable music and it makes the band matter. For me, their offering is way ahead of many full-length efforts I heard recently.

From the opening track Ruckus to the fifth and last track Straight Line, the band has meticulously crafted this record and did great in doing so. Quality over quantity.

My favorite tracks are as follows:

Ruckus, Gravity, Say Goodbye, To The Sun, Shadowboxing, and Straight Line.

Wait, didn’t I just list all the songs? Yes, dear friends, trust me, the EP is that good!

As I was writing this review, I played The Young International’s debut EP about 14 times and still didn’t know when to press stop. Amazing, really.

As a matter of fact, my staff here at the Poptimes HQ were looking at me in sheer disbelief as I appeared to them like I was having a seizure while listening to the EP. “Twitches of ecstasy,” I explained.

I didn’t care.

Truth is, I usually have seizures or “twitches of ecstasy” only in two occasions: When I hear outstanding music and, you guessed right – when I am with a professional.
- Poptimes Magazine

"Artist In The Wings"

They've been together for over five years working on their music, and the sounds from the just released debut, self-titled EP by The Young International show that dedication. The four piece band is based in Nashville, and their songs will be pleasing to the ears of pop fans. The EP was co-produced by Grammy winning Mitch Dane best known for his work with the band Jars of Clay. The sound of songs like "Ruckus" and "Shadowboxing" are unique enough to be original to The Young International, but they would fit perfectly in an adult pop radio format.

Vocalist and guitarist Kaleb Jones says about his band's songs, "They are snapshots, moments and feelings that we really saw or felt at one time. We will always make honest music because that's the only way we know how." The band will hold a celebratory release show at home in Nashville February 10, 2011. Details are available on the band's official site. For now, listen below and meet The Young International.

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"Album Review"

Coming straight out of the gate with all the pomp and swagger of a band five years their senior, The Young International start things off on a hard hitting pop-rock note, on their debut EP’s first track “Ruckus.”

On the chorus, vocalist/guitarist Kaleb Jones sings “I really think we’re onto something and you’re gonna like the sound of it,” and maybe he’s prophetic, or maybe he just realizes the talent in this up and coming band, but the man does have a point.

The Nashville newcomers definitely have the rock vibe, with all the pop sensibilities that have made bands like Maroon 5 or OneRepublic successful. But beyond that, they have a deeper sound that reminds me a lot of The Juliana Theory, especially on tracks like “Gravity.” You can hear the similarities in the mellow verses, crashing into soaring choruses and thought-provoking lyrics.

Even though it slows things down a bit, my favorite track is the simply strummed “Shadowboxing.” I really appreciate deep, soul-searching lyrics like

I am always striking at the wind
Shooting at a target I can’t hit.
And I’ve spent my precious time on it
Searching just to find
I must be losing my mind.

Much more than just five songs and seventeen minutes of pop-rock hits, The Young International’s new EP serves as a great introduction to the band, and to the sound and shape of things to come.

Try this track: “Shadowboxing”
- Hollywood Jesus

"Album Review"

The Young International is a new band you should know about, if you are into lush pop music laden with hooks. The band manages to put a unique spin on a familiar sound and works it to their advantage, they seem new but feel like old friends. You know after listening to this EP we will hear more from them as time goes on. Made up of long time friends/collaborators who could be deemed the Second Coming of the Warhols Music Factory using all frames of media to get their message out to the masses. The band is made up of the following - Kaleb Jones - Vocals/Guitar; Chase Gregory - Lead Guitar; David Deaton – Bass; Thomas Doeve - Drums/Programming.

The six songs that make up the EP are finely crafted pop tunes each with their own catchy hook to grab you and make you want to sing along with the chorus. The first song “Ruckus” is one of those types of tunes that start slow with the drum and bass building along with the guitars, by the time you get to the chorus you’re into it “I’ll tell you what we’re going to start a ruckus”. The second song “Gravity” hooks you right from the start, with a driving guitar sound, this EP was co-produced by Mitch Dane of Jars Of Clay fame and you can hear his influence in the studio during this song. “Say Goodbye To The Sun” is another echo-plexed guitar dreamscape filled with background “oohs” and “aahs”. “Shadowboxing” is an acoustic guitar number laden with strings and lilting vocals that reminded me of the band Keane. The chorus “Maybe I’m just striking at the wind, shooting at a target I can’t hit and I’ve spent my precious time on it searching just to find I must be losing my mind” fits the music beautifully and they give each other an emotional feel. The final song “Straight Line” is probably my favorite with a great drum beat, sonic guitar, great hooks and vocals to back it up. Overall a great first EP highly recommended, after all “Everything’s gonna be alright Yeah, everything’s gonna be alright Moving in a straight line”. - Scene Point Blank

"The Young International- Album Review"

Up and coming pop rock band The Young International’s self-released 5 track EP might raise some eyebrows. The band from Nashville (what band isn’t from Nashville these days?) has an alternative rock sound, and I could hear The Young International on the radio. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

The first song “Ruckus” is a solid rock song, which you can hear on their MySpace page. Gravity is next and is more of a slower pop rock, just still quality stuff nonetheless. If I had to take a guess, I’d say this band is influenced by bands like The Killers, Keane and Coldplay. 5 tracks in total and it’s tough to gauge what the rest of a full-length would sound like if they extended past the EP. So far so good, and don’t think this will be the last time we hear from the Young International.

Bottom Line: A decent start for The Young International
Notable Tracks: Ruckus, Gravity, Straight Line
- Read Junk

"Music Without Labels Review"

"The Young International is one of the best bands on the rise in Nashville." - Music Without Labels

"Absolute Punk Review"

"The Young International sound like the breath of fresh air mainstream radio needs." - Absolute Punk


More of the Same / Vampire [EP] (2013)
Wide Awake - Single (2012)
The Young International [EP] (2011)
This Year - Single (2010)



Our ultimate goal is to speak to peoples hearts, capture a feeling and make it last forever in our songs. says Kaleb Jones, lead vocalist of Nashvilles The Young International. When we experience that dialogue in ourselves and with our audience, its magic, he adds.

Jones alongside Chase Gregory [lead guitar], David Deaton [bass], and Thomas Doeve [drums] strives to create music that is both personal and powerful. The Young International crafts songs that resonate with the listener, songs that are lyrically rich and hauntingly emotional.

Individually, The Young Internationals four members are incredibly talented, but collectively, their musicianship and influence is undeniable. Their ingenuity comes through in the distinct brand of rock they have carefully developed over the past few years. Though influenced by the likes of Radiohead and U2, The Young International has cultivated a sound all their own, a sound that allows them to stand out in a city full of fellow creatives.

Most recently, The Young International worked with producer Vance Powell [Jack White, Kings of Leon] to release the double single More of the Same / Vampire in the early spring of 2013. The quartet finds itself touring for much of this fall, in the midst of also writing and recording for an impending full-length album.

Be sure to keep an eye [and an ear] out for what magic The Young International has in store.