The Young Playthings

The Young Playthings


'Power pop definitions of love, ladies, slow dancing and tom foolery, make for tunes with theme tune appeal...Underneath pop devices are indie and country parts to songs eeked out with touches of irony'


Do you remember the first time you ever fell in love?

THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS are Bateman, Jørs Truly, Tibor; the who what where when and why of how they met and formed are, surely, in the grand scheme of things, inconsequential. They do not want to be remembered for who they are, but for what their songs mean to other people.

Since they first picked up their instruments in the same room as one another, THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS have undergone a cocoon-like transformation from a ragged band of bedroom bards to a taut and powerful unit whose live shows have made even the most cynical swoon.

THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS write songs about the ins-n-outs of daily life – from love to sex, from dancing to drunken buffoonery, from friendships to the world around us – and infuse it all with a starry-eyed romanticism a la the BOUNCING SOULS and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. In fact, they may well be the perfect cross between these two touchstones of New Jersey rock, with a dash of THE REPLACEMENTS’ energetic onstage sloppiness thrown in for good measure, that attests to their utter belief in the songs they sing. Simple truths set to humble but triumphant tunes.

The 3 songs here capture the giddy thrill of al fresco sex, the emotional purge necessitated by kissing long-distance love goodbye, and the ambiguities of suburban yearning and contentment. Though unsigned, THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS are soon to release these songs as a limited edition, Internet-only release through a handshake agreement with London indie label SMALLTOWN AMERICA, home to DIY heroes JET PLANE LANDING.

THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS are the sound of sweaty rock n roll clubs, smoky country juke joints and dreamy adolescent bedrooms. They are innocence and experience. You look at the posters of rock heroes on your bedroom walls at night and you think of them. THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS are easy like that.



Written By: Warrick Harniess


Oh! when you love me like that, I gotta love you right back!
Oh! when you love me like that, I gotta love like that right back!
Baby please, somebody might see and now I got a feeling coming over me
Uh, I know about the birds and the bees but have you ever seen ‘em do it so publicly?
With starlight on your side you pulled some strings tonight
Inside trading is best done in secret, right?
And those strings were tight, you know just what I like!
You get your thighs astride – alright!

I went down on my knees hoping nobody would see me
Worshipping the flesh on a park bench devoutly.
In a semi-private pew, kinda hidden from view
We embraced in the Church of Life’s values in a frenzy!
The cars were passing by, I held on for dear life
I shut my eyes but opened ‘em just in time
To see a golden light, and to philosophise
I heard an angel’s choir, oh christ!

Love is sure to be the Saviour of us all
He’s true, She’s real, it’s safe as long as you’re careful.
The world begins and ends with people. We’re all people!


Written By: Warrick Harniess

I don’t like left-wing politics
I’m all for killing communists
They’re all too smart for the masses anyway.
I don’t like compassionate conservatives
Don’t they know they’re oxymoronic
Owning the world and loving it will never be the same.

I don’t own much, but I’ve got love to give
Do you want some of it?

I don’t like the music business
I don’t really want to be part of it
I just want some money for these songs I write.
I aspire to a little more than
What my parents have achieved in their lifetimes
I think that balances humility and drive.

I’d like a house in the suburbs
Do you wanna live with me in it?

I like driving fast on freeways
I like spending money carelessly
I think it’s nice being educated and young.
I like your pretty cheekbones
But I’m glad you don’t do modelling
I don’t believe in mass-consumption.

We sit the fence but when we vote I will help you get over it.


THE YOUNG PLAYTHINGS - 'Girls In Heat' demo (July 2003)
1. Hot Sex With A Girl I Love
2. So Good, So Bad... So Good!
3. Last Night In Los Angeles
4. The American West