The Young Republic

The Young Republic


A whole buch of kids playing music they love.


Everyone met their first day of school. They like music and wanted to play it some time. One of the kids had some songs. They played them and in a big suprise, they liked them too. They started to play the songs a lot, and they started to sound pretty good, so they recorded a couple of them. Then they wanted to play them for other people. They played in and around their school, but wanted to play for more people, so they drove around and played for people where ever they could. They came back to school and played new songs and recorded new songs. They played for more people in boston. They recorded again and then they drove around again. Finally some one noticed (End of the Road Records), and now they will soon get to drive around europe and play for them.


Always Together / The Painter
Your Heart Belongs in Tennessee
Girl From the Northern States Tour 2005
Merry Christmas Again...
Modern Plays
Take the Moral High Ground Tour 2006
YR 7