The Youngs

The Youngs


Heavy Mellow Rock.


If the Captain and Tennille were into dark progressive space rock, they might have really lit the world on fire. Thirty years later the Youngs have emerged to fill the void. Their catchy, well-crafted songs will make us all shed a tear for love and death, in a true heavy mellow style. This dynamic duo (a married couple in real life) succeeds in their aim of fearlessly charting the astral regions, telling us moving tales of living and dying on a fucked-up planet like this one, with love as their backseat driver.

Live, The Youngs work as a power trio with the golden voiced Eryn Young singing and playing drums & samples simultaneously, with significant other Tim Young, the accomplished Seattle musician at her side playing guitar and singing. John Schuller plays bass.

Recently relocating to Los Angeles by way of Seattle, The Youngs are now working on material for their third album before the official release of their second album.


Letting the Pressure Out

Written By: Eryn Young, Tim Young

Slit to the wrist
Slice to the eyeball
Letting the pressure out
Letting the pressure out
Letting the blood run out over you

And I want to tell you
There's so many things
That I just can't say
Beneath the skin
Red river
If you jump in
Your gonna go all the way
Way down

Embracing the pain
For what comfort it may hold
To warm my body when it grows cold

A Slit to the wrist
Let the blood flow slow and thick
I'm not dying, I'm just sick


The Youngs: self titled
The Youngs: Hand up, Head down

Set List

40 minute set

we usually do a mix of songs from the first album and second album.

Hard to Love
Industrial Way
Erase it All
Spring is Coming
Letting the Pressure Out
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Choose You
Killing of the King
Long it's Been
The Last Migration

Covers have included songs by Burt Bacharach, The Carpenters, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Billy Squire. We usually play one cover per set.