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The Youngstown Tramps

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"The Youngstown Tramps: "A Primal folk rock Trampage""

The Youngstown Tramps: “A Primal folk rock Trampage”
By Gary S,Angelo (GSA)
Jon Tramp (aka Jon Locketti Singer /Guitarist ) and I go way back to the days of High School. I got the chance to fast forward with Jon Locketti and Ian Simon on their latest project, The Youngstown Tramps. The Youngstown Tramps are a local indie rock collective that combines elements of 60s garage, Brit pop and folk. Basically a perfect dosage of guitar swagger layered with thick youthful harmonies. *Jon Locketti also plays in local melodic/indie act, Dog OK.
Gary Angelo: So what’s the tale of The Youngstown Tramps Formation?
Jon Locketti: “First we decided to play music together. Secondly, we became friends. And last but not least, we became like family. Now we get together every Sunday for dinner and then we practice. It’s a Tramps Tradition!
GA: Describe your influences as far as sound. What are you doing different musically-wise?
JL: “An extensive list of influences can be found at http:// www.youngstowntramps We haven’t actually focused on any style of music. We are Punk-Alt-Rock-Blues-Indie-Folk . The Youngstown Tramps have 3 different lead singers and a violinist, which isn’t a typical rock band.”
GA: Future plans as far as recording and touring?
Ian Simon: “Pretty much all we need is to keep playing and having fun. We love playing out. We just played Pittsburgh for the first time. We are very excited about a new album and we’re still very much into our latest (and first) CD that just printed.”
GA: How do you see the future of the Youngstown music scene?
IS: “We are optimistic and love all of the local talent. Every year brings new bands, both clever and cheesy, but the drive is there for all of us and that’s the exciting part.”
GA: How do you feel “blessed” being a Youngstown act?
JL: “In general, it’s nice to get a chance to meet new people and talk about music. Obviously, we are proud to be from Youngstown.”
IS: “Getting to contribute and to play with our friends and lovers and ex’s and mentors and everyone.” We’re very loyal to the home turf and I think anyone from Youngstown has a unique, beautiful pride not found anywhere else.”
**The Youngstown Tramps will be playing November 1st at the enchanting Royal Oaks with Songs About Robots and Third Class. The Tramps will also play at Cedars Lounge December 13th with The Kellys and TBA
(For fans of: The Velvet Underground, Broken Social Scene, The Decemberists , The Rentals)

- Interview by Gary Angelo


The Youngstown Tramps (ST debut LP, available on iTunes)

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Traditionally, a tramp was someone hoppin' along from one place to the next, grateful to meet anyone kind enough to spare any favor, whether big or small. We represent the poor, yet appreciative, musicians out there, that play countless shows simply for the love of music. Were it not for the generations that have come before us, our efforts would be feeble. And so, as the cycle of inspiration gets passed round and round for years and years to come maybe someone along the way will mention, The Youngstown Tramps.