The Youth and Beauty Brigade

The Youth and Beauty Brigade


imagine the song writing and vocals of Morissey mixed with pop and melodic rock combined with the energy of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie having sex and you get The Youth and Beauty Brigade


The Youth and Beauty Brigade was formed in the summer of 2006. After Adam Hopkins (vocals/guitar) finished touring as the bass player for The Cinematic Underground, he recruited childhood friend Brad Jensen (drums) and long time friend Ethan Duffy (bass) to form the band. With an emphasis on meaningful lyrics the band took on The Decemberists' inspired name "The Youth and Beauty Brigade." Later on Brayden Russel (Rhythm Guitar) formerly of Santa Barbara based band "My Life Story" was added to complete the lineup. With a mix of straight rock songs and more melodic rock, The Youth and Beauty Brigade delivers sets that will keep the audience engaged.


The Garden Street Stories EP (2008)

Set List

Set List: 11 songs, 2 covers, 9 originals - this is mostly what we do we change it up every now and again and we always have new songs to slip in somewhere
1. Intro
2. Daniel Day Lewis
3. Hotter in Here
4. Call me (cover of Blondie)
5. Boston's Last
6. Come
7. Sexy Back (Rock cover of Justin Timberlake) - trust me its awesome
8. Happy Endings
9. Airplane
10. Lulabye
11. Look At Us

this is a good 40 - 45 mins of music when you add time in between songs to tune and talk to the crowd this works out to be about an hour. We also have a shortened set for opening about 20-30 mins