The Youth Class

The Youth Class


Noisy indie rock in the vein of Cursive, Modest Mouse or The White Octave.


A Brief History of The Youth Class -

The Youth Class was formed during the summer of 2003 as a four-piece aggressively dynamic rock group based out of Peoria, IL. Drawing from indie rock influences ranging from Modest Mouse and Desaparecidos and a young fascination with Weezer and Nirvana, the band began writing music similar to nothing they had done in the past. After a four-song demo and weekly romps around Central Illinois and the Midwest, the band embarked on its first week-long East Coast tour in February of 2004, covering Missouri, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, and Indiana.

Last summer, the band completed their second tour, thoroughly rocking crowds around the Midwest. Building on established fan bases in several cities including St. Louis, Cedar Rapids, and Milwaukee, The Youth Class is dedicated to reaching out beyond their hometown roots. Fresh off of tour, they released their first full-length album on Dust Recordings. This is What I Remember exhibits a concise illustration of reflective and restrained noise rock that demonstrates an ambitious style.

Directly following their second tour, Jon Lady decided to part ways to pursue a college career. The band thanked him for his efforts and wished him the best of luck.

Currently, the band is furiously writing a new collection of songs, polishing their unique sound. With Chris Voss and Matt Jacobs, formerly of Ed’s Head and Aaron Sharpsteen on drums, The Youth Class is diligently preparing for another tour this winter.


This is Sick

Written By: Chris Voss and Bruce Doering II

A young girl,
Falls in love with a man who is much too empty for her
And so goes the joke of how this family came to be

But this boy,
Has done something horrible he's destroyed something beautiful
A pretty little girl is now a bitter old woman

Then she said, they're telling me to medicate my problems away
I may not be happy, but at least I know that my thoughts are mine
This is sick!

Depression is passion!
It's all I've got


Written By: Chris Voss

(I hate this fucking summer)
As the paper hit my tongue, I knew that I was gone

We’ll go out on that bridge and say goodbye to summer

Your heart turned green as you sank into the ground
Your father got so mad when we ran from the house

The Snow Queen and the Purple Princess

Written By: Chris Voss

Says the Purple Princess:
I want my first breath
That first inhale
I want to see it all again
I take it all back

And the Snow Queen says:
Mirror mirror on the table,
Please tell me that I am able to do what I want

If I try to remember
I will forget
I chose to fall
I chose to drop


This is What I Remember (DUST) - 2004

Set List

Earthquake in Action
The Snow Queen and the Purple Princess
The Ballad of Willie Skinker pt 1 & 2
Something Foreign
This is Sick
Smokestack of a Woman

25 - 30 minutes