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I must admit, when I got his cd, I had very high expectations.
Upon first listen
my response
was "wow...sounds like the bands I remember from Atlanta in the mid
90's". Then I realized that's why I had such high expectations, because that music was
so good. ok, the cd. If you like big guitars, minor keys, great vocals, and cool production,
you need to get this. (Jamie) sounds like he believes and
feels every word. the music fits perfectly, very intense, very tight, very good. You can tell
these guys have worked hard, long hours to get this right. and on the title track, we hear some of the coolest backwards guitar since Hendrix
did it. these guys, from my home state of GA (toccoa to be exact) are poised to do big
things, my advice is to get this cd now.

~ Larry Laster,
- Larry Laster

""Hard rocking, drama-infused debut""

"...their debut CD, Get Well, is a winner for anyone who enjoys adrenaline pumping rock music.
having listened to this disc severl times now, one word keeps coming to mind: drama...i'm talking about full-on in your face guitar licks and drum kicks with a strong vocal accompaniment.
Overall, i heartily recommend picking up "Get Well"...They Sang As They Slew will be a terrific addition to yor CD collection."

- Kathy Fuller -

"They Sang As They Slew - Get Well"

"At certain times, certain records can mean so much. Little did I know that They Sang As They Slew’s debut full-length “Get Well” would be that album...They Sang As They Slew has a penchant for minor chords and beautiful, haunting choruses.
Northern Records continues to impress with yet another strong release. “Get Well” is an album that is both beautiful and cathartic, with an underlying theme of hope for those hurting or just trying to live this life."

- Justin Brinker


"They Sang As They Slew - Get Well"

"The very first thing to notice about Get Well is that this is a rock band and they do it well. The instrumentation is very solid as the band tears through songs that are equal parts indie, alternative rock, and punk (the old stuff, not the new radio friendly crap). There is a surprising amount of energy present in the music. At times I can see a strange musical similarity to mewithoutYou...
As much as I appreciate this release, I'm pretty sure a younger audience (late teens) could dig it even more. This is a hefty, powerful album that if at all similar in a live setting, should make for an incredible show. I'm looking forward to seeing where They Sang As They Slew goes from here."



"10 Best CD's of 2004"

4. They Sang As They Slew "Get Well"

"They Sang As They Slew. (Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where the band name comes from...). Their debut album is amazing, full of loud parts, soft sections, experimentation and rock."

- Patrick -

""Ge tWell""

"In a fairly exciting year musically, one of the newest additions to the Northern Records has been They Sang As They Slew...Bozeman shapes songs in the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate or Radiohead...the musicianship and the instrumentation on this album are top notch."

- Zach Delph - Phantom Tollbooth

"They Sang As They Slew"

"Get Well is a melt-your-face-with-art-rock-goodness record...Half way through this album, you realize that it started off great and it only keeps getting better. The last half of this album illustrates the greatness of They Sang As They Slew...Jamey and co. lived up to every expectation any fan could’ve had, and I hope they’re gaining thousands of new fans along the way. Here’s a toast to a new beginning…I call it “They Sang As They Slew”. Cheers." - gtj ÄTop -

"They Sang As They Slew"

The band's sound is best described as alternative, in the truest sense of the term. Start with an indie rock base, add some dreamy pop, and top it off with a touch of emo—like Denison Marrs and Sunny Day Real Estate meets Radiohead and Sigur Ros...It's a fairly experimental sound that will be an acquired taste for many, but what a pleasure to hear a band inspired (to) create music that easily competes with similar sounding mainstream acts. This is definitely a good one for fans of passionate art rock."


"They Sang..."

"This is the album of the year!

- Michial Farmer
HM Magazine
The Vagrant Cafe - Michial Farmer

"They Sang As They Slew - Get Well"

They Sang As They Slew – Get Well
Label: Northern
Style: Alternative, Progressive Rock, Rock’n’Roll
Released: 2004
My Grade: 4.5 stars
AMG: n/a
Sounds like: Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins

The first review I ever read about They Sang As They Slew attacked them for being terribly pretentious and with a complete lack for anything original, hyperbolic radio rock with a complete lack of conviction, even going so far as to say they were just Radiohead rip-offs. I wonder if that reviewer ever listened to the same album that I hold in my hands now. I have heard a lot of people compare this band to Radiohead, and at times I also see the similarities, but leaving it at that is such a disservice to this amazingly talented band. Those reviewers seem so terribly jaded in the mainstream industry that they cannot even focus on the bright and beautiful in the indie community, because everything experimental now draws a direct comparison to current rock gods Radiohead.

Formed around the former band members of Canary, They Sang As They Slew have forged ahead at such an amazing pace that there is no longer any comparison between the two bands except for their members. Where once was fairly straight up rock has grown and expanded into a new form of progressive rock with merged soaring harmonies, an art rock flair and crisp delivery giving this album a very impassioned feel. This is the kind of music that will haunt you and follow you the rest of your life, and frankly that could not be a better deal.

Now when I say progressive rock I don’t mean those old dusty records hidden in your closet recorded over thirty years ago by self-inflated rock stars long forgotten, I mean bands that truly seem original and that are pushing the very fabric of alternative rock into something new and incredibly superior to what is currently out; and that is where TSATS comes in.

The first four songs are essential to showcase the amazing talents of this band, starting with “Her Left Hand Rocks The Cradle” that glides you in with a haunting female vocalist that sounds like it was an old radio program; followed by “Her Right Hand Rules The World” and “I Can See With My Eyes Closed” each building off each other until by the fourth track (“Death In The City”) they seem to reach their climax and crash upon the sonic waves with such a burst of furry that reminds me of At The Drive-In and should leave you breathless. Those four tracks build up at such a pace and with such amazing grace that it is a perfect album, before “Bleeding To Death” comes and drops the build up down from the amazing roar to a single cry that practically rips you apart, with such heartbroken lyrics as “I’m bleeding to death/it’s not my fault/A strange exchange for what was once me/if it makes me cry/it’s not my pain I feel/someone else hurt so that I could become real” – this song will literally crush your spine. The album then proceeds to cut one gem after another over the course of the remaining five songs, with the final highlight being the title track with its sweeping music and over the entire song you can practically taste his emotions, “…come on get well, come on get well…”, he is shouting to you, you personally, and it is conveyed across the album as a personal note. Overall this album is for healing, you will hear the build up, and the crashing down and then you will follow through the healing process and the love that textures it.

I have heard several reviews that tell the reader to try and ignore the lyrics that talk about God and religion; but to deny the overt religious tones in the music would be a grave mistake, because their convictions are one of the many things that really bring power into their music, to deny one aspect of the whole would be to deny your hands of their fingers.

I am in love with this album, it has uplifted my spirit and my mind, and only the most jaded listener could not see the beauty within this band and their stunning debut.

Reviewed by: Samuel Aaron
- ALLALOM.COM - Broadcasting the Underground


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They Sang As They Slew is something that is at once familiar and new.
We are indelibly influenced by that to which we listen.
Think: Mogwai, Shudder to Think, Fugazi, The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, Girls Against Boys, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Muse...bits and pieces mixed together

We think you will be pleased.

Formed in 1999, we have played in front of thousands, we have played in front of no one...