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The Yuinon

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Welcome to Yuinon (pronounced union) Records. Effectively modeling how to infiltrate music with Christ-centered content, quality and kingdom minded artists, while maintaining social relevance to urban and mainstream audiences.


It has been said that each generation is required to reveal to the next, a relevant demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yuinon (pronounced union) Records aspires to be that demonstration, for the generation labeled X. The hip-hop generation, the generation that's next to assume leadership in our communities. Yuinon Records is a movement, a consortium of individuals with a variety of musical gifts and talents. Yuinon Records stands poised to inject new life into hip- hop and help it reach its full potential. With innovative and impactful projects near completion, each consisting of several hungry, lyrically gifted artists and vocalists with integrity, Yuinon Records should emerge as a catalyst to empower a generation of youth and young adults struggling with issues of identity and morality.
Many people fail to understand the significant role music plays on the attitude and psyche of young minds. As young adults who grew up amid the hip-hop generation, Yuinon Record's leadership and its artists have seen and experienced firsthand music's influence and persuasive power. As people wonder out loud about the state of hip-hop, the next movement is already underway. It's time for Yuinon Records to emerge from the underground.


The Prequel;The H.E.R. Project;Genocide
A.O.N-The Restoration Process