The YungFellaz

The YungFellaz


We are a young R&B/Pop urban male trio from New York and New Jersey. We bring that feel good music to the old and new generations. We are what the music game has been missing for a while now. We bringing that Young and Sexy music back. We got next baby, believe that...


Three young guys with the attitude, charisma and talent far beyond their time make up the young pop urban trio "YungFellaz". Their fun and positive energy makes their music easy for young people to listen and relate to. These guys are not far from the boys next door. Basketball, parties, video games and of course girls take up their spare time. But when it comes down to business, they make sure to deliver a hot album and a great show.

Dorian, age 16 from New Jersey, has been writing rhymes since the age of 9. Dorian grew up listening to artists like L.L. Cool J, Will Smith, Jay-Z and Nelly. He freestyled to their beats and memorized their songs, knowing one day he was going to be in the same league as them. When he wasn't playing video games or basketball, he was performing at local events. Chris Monroe, manager for YungFellaz, discovered Dorian at a local high school event and was impressed by the writing skills and crowd appeal Dorian had developed by age 14. He approached Dorian about the idea of YungFellaz, and without question, Dorian couldnt wait to start working.

Dennis, age 18 from Mount Vernon, NY, grew up singing in his church and youth group before he was told about a casting call for a young group through an e-mail. Dennis discovered his voice at the age of 7 singing Christmas songs with his family and friends. He grew up idolizing Micheal Jackson, Usher, Boyz II Men, and Fred Hammond while mastering his dance skills with his hip-hop dance troop and step team at his church. He called for a meeting with N.Soul Entertainment, and his distinct tone and riffs nailed his position in the group without question. From the door, the chemistry Dorian and Dennis had was perfect. Their journey to the top began!

After a year and a half of ups and downs for Dorian and Dennis, there was one guy training on the sidelines for his time in the game. J. Star, age 17 from Brooklyn, New York now residing in Long Island has been singing since a very young age. He began his career singing in his church and had been around and working with the YungFellaz since the beginning of their career as a group. At first he did not have any aspiration for singing, until his relationship with the fellow members, and his love for the stage and music took over, placing him as the third and final addition to the YungFellaz. His very relaxing and melodic voice added a very complete and unique sound to the group. J. Star has been inspired by many artists such as Jay-Z, Tupac, Stevie Wonder, Fred Hammond, and Brian McKnight. The chemistry and friendship between the three members is unbreakable.

YungFellaz describe their self-titled debut album a mixture of pop, R&B, and hip-hop. They worked with super producers 316 Music Group, NU Kings Ent., Mystery Men Entertainment on the majority of the album. They produced the hit songs Ride Wit Me, Break It Down, and Want Me Back for YungFellaz. When working on the project, the guys wanted to make sure the album stayed young and fun. They wanted to talk about things guys and girls can relate to such as friendships, relationships, having fun, and things parents just dont understand. But they didnt leave the grown folks out too much, they also have something for the grown and sexy with songs like Smooth Wit It and Slow Dance.

Within a year of working together, YungFellaz have felt the pressures of the industry as young artists by balancing their heavy recording and performance schedule, vocal lessons, dance rehearsals, and school. They debuted to the public for the first time opening up for 3LW in Harlem, NY for a Health and Fitness event for teens. They have performed everywhere from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and recently in San Antonio, Texas for a celebrity basketball game opening for Jazz from Dru Hill. YungFellaz are growing rapidly into a household name appearing on BETs The Center, UPN 9, and BlackBeat magazine. YungFellaz have also made a name for themselves on the underground mixtape circuit featuring on songs with JoJo, Bow Wow, Omarion, and Chris Brown. Their featured song Homeboy with JoJo crossed YungFellaz over to a worldwide audience getting exposure overseas in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Currently, The YungFellaz are on the road promoting their debut album and sharing the same stages as former B2K member Lil’ Fizz, Disney’s The Cheetah Girls and Pretty Ricky. They also hit the stage in front of thousands of fans at the 2006 Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day for the U.S Open. Their unbelievable stage performance has females screaming and the world recognizing them as the next big thing in music.
Idolizing groups before them such as New Edition, N’Sync, Boyz II Men, Immature, Jagged Edge, 112, and Dru Hill, YungFellaz are definitely the group to watch out for next. They are ready to take the industry by storm and the hearts of the world.

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Let It Go (2006)
I got ya Girl (2006)
Better Man (2006)
Do You Remember (2007)
Next To Me (2006)

Set List

I got ya Girl
Ms. Superstar
Do You Remember
Let It Go
Better Man

20 minute performance time