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They Walk Among Us

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"TWAU - Mathematics, Art in Progress"

Epochal, sweeping tunes that simply ring out joy. I haven't really heard a band go for this warm, engaging sound for a while, and these folks really know how to make it work. Depth, grace and unmistakable good feelings – Hard to beat that, isn't it? - AIDING & ABETTING

"2 nd Album Review"

An album that has ethereal qualities of a Pink Floyd album and the energy of a garage band. They're .ve guys playing much more intelligent music than your average indie band, using a bit of samples, soundscapes and other ethereal mixes. I can't emphasize enough the ethereal qualities of this band, that constantly make me feel as if they're playing rock with a background of a new age soundscape - THE CELEBRITY CAFÉ.COM

"Las Vegas Review"

With help from producers Greg Haver and Richard Jackson, the album is a crisp production of harmonized choruses, hygienic guitars and textured keyboards. Songs like "Telescopes" and power ballads like "1A.M.G.M.T." would have a crop of major label reps maxing their expense accounts. If you are looking for hooks you will really enjoy this album. - Las Vegas Mercury

"Online Review"

If you are an a.cionado of classic rock (Floyd, Yes, etc.), I'm sure you will find something to your liking here. If you prefer more modern acts (SFA,Supergrass etc.), I think you will find this is a little known gem, of which there have been many to come out of Wales in the last few years. I recommend you get hold of a copy! I rate Mathematics, Art in Progress – 4/5

"Online Review 2"

There is already a great tradition of bands coming from Wales, and for my money THEY WALK AMONG US are right up there with the best of them. This is an impressive work and one which any of our readers who enjoy Rock/Pop and Indie music would be well advised to check out. While listening to this CD, I have never failed to be impressed by the strong song writing (in terms of tunes and lyrics) and the good musicianship displayed by the band. Add to this the superb production from Greg Haver and Richard Jackson and what you get is an album to listen out for – Simon Hill - New Horizons


Monkey in a chicken Pen- due for release in 2010.
Champagne Tastes, Lemonade Pockets- 2007.
Mathematics, Art in Progress- 2004.



Founded in 2004 by lead vocalist and guitarist Richard Proctor, They Walk Among Us have since released two albums. Their first in 2006, Mathematics, Art in Progress was recorded at Monnow Valley, Loco Studios and Famous Studios and produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers) and Richard Jackson (Super Furry Animals, The Automatic) and was promoted on a three month US tour where the album was licensed by Aeronaut Records, based Los Angeles and distributed through Redeye USA with PR by the Planetary Group. On this tour, the 5-piece band cultivated a dedicated fan base in the States which not many British bands have been able to boast… and in those 3 months, they performed in 36 cities across 26 states!
Their second album, Champagne Tastes, Lemonade Pockets was released in 2007 and with the experience and knowledge the band had gathered; they decided to produce this album themselves in collaboration with Gaz Williams (RocketGoldStar). This album was released on the Richard Proctor Music Ltd label.
TWAU, now a 3 piece have just completed their third album, Monkey in a Chicken Pen which is due for release in spring 2010.The album being produced by Richard Jackson and Richard Proctor.
During the band’s career, they have caught the attention of Larry Love, lead-singer of Alabama 3 which resulted in TWAU supporting them on the Outlaw Tour. TWAU attended South by Southwest in 2006 and were invited to contribute a track to the Oingo Biongo tribute album Drink to Bones that Turn to Dust. Oingo Boingo was the brainchild of Hollywood composer Danny Elfman (Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Betelgeuse, Simpsons theme tune).
The video to Tell Me a Secret was directed by Allan Morse whose productions had included a video for The Cooper Temple Clause.
TWAU will be touring the UK and Europe in 2010. Many venues have already been lined up across the country.