They Were Stars

They Were Stars


They Were Stars is a pop band, but this promising young quintet is well on its way to becoming a lot more. Their debut album, Own Your Atoms, is an ocean of hooks; a study in intense power-pop and life-affirming lyrical themes.


They Were Stars is an indie pop-rock band from Dallas, Texas. Their sound draws from a range of influences including Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, My Bloody Valentine, Ok Go, Pixies, and Tripping Daisy, taking pop music to the next level. The band prides itself on its experienced musicianship and the ability to play as well live as they do in the their recordings.

They Were Stars formed in late 2006 in Dallas, Texas, only to record a few demo tracks then take a year-long hiatus. Collin Cable (vocals) and Graham Smith (bass) reunited in early 2008 to continue the project and recruited guitarist Taylor Tatsch and drummer Cooper Heffley. They quickly began working on a six-song EP but found it hard to stop there. The band soon had enough material to extend the EP into a full-length album, Own Your Atoms, which they released in April of 2009. The band wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed the entire album themselves. Around the time of the release, they brought in guitarist Mitch Lazorko to complete the group.

They Were Stars has recently opened for bands such as Motion City Soundtrack, Vedera, Forever The Sickest Kids, and Pictures and Sound. As of September 2009, they are writing new music and playing shows around north Texas.


Every Now and Then

Written By: They Were Stars

when the night falls down,
she's always talking in her sleep
i never walk around
or talk too loud
or wake her from her dream

take a step back
you can't attack the world's disease
stop talking down to me

don't try to pull me away
turn this two-door around
you can leave here today
but i'll die in this town
so forget what you've loved,
and just head for the door
with my heart in your hands
you still want more

every now and then,
she's got an hour to spend on me
every now and then,
i tell her how i plan to leave

take a step back,
you can't attack the world's disease
so stop talking down to me

What It Means

Written By: They Were Stars

tuesday morning came
another hour down the drain
and what we became
it will never feel the same
so you lock the chains
and start to drink away the pain
there's too much to say
and you're too young to feel this way.

i don't
want to break down to a rhythm
don't be scared of the strength
that you're given baby
i grew up and grew out of my vision
i've been wasting the time
that was giving to me.

so they've come and gone
just cigarettes out on the lawn
and you can't be strong
so do you walk these halls or haunt
vacant rooms, you loom
so new, without a point of view
you'll have more to lose
yeah you'll have more to lose
so when they call your name
and say your day has given way
nothing left to trade,
you stay indoors,
it's gotten late
so trace your place
just lay in love in southern states
when the morning fades
we will hold the night and say

so believe,
in love and what it means

you're a better part of me
through all the oceans that i see
coming down into the storm.


Written By: Collin Cable

the rain was distracting
but nothing could keep my eyes away
flashes of lightning, a car crash
the picture of the day
lining the script of our tryst
with the words i'll never say

are you doing ok?
it's a beautiful night
i'd think of something smart to say
to take you by surprise
and you'll promise
that our lives have been erased
are you doing ok?

the uncrowded
hours were ours
and privately arranged
writing my name out on cardboard
the artwork you display
do i walk away,
ask your name,
or waste another day?


Album- Own Your Atoms (2009)

Set List

Loud Mouth
Revenge on You
Every Now and Then
Easy Enough
What It Means
Gigantic - (Pixies Cover)