They Would Be Happy People

They Would Be Happy People

 New York City, New York, USA

Spastic improvisational art-rocky-style 4-piece.


The group, based in various neighborhoods of NY/NJ, has been recording and performing together since 2008. Their first release “Pangs” was in early 2010 on their own Beyond Notes Recording label. Their latest , “The Many Moods of...” , was released in July of 2011. Both albums were recorded as improvisations which later became collections of “songs” through the twin processes of reduction and distillation.

Aleksandar Popovic is the drummer and percussionist. His eastern European roots and mastery of Balkan folk music allows the group to explore rhythms and textures that fall outside the boundaries of what most consider rock music. Before moving to the US, Sasha was a percussionist for the popular™ Serbian jam band Ab Re - touring festivals and TV sets across Europe.

Leslie Graves is the singer and writes the words... she is the Taurus of the group. Leslie is Ohio-born and raised and came to NY to study acting and - after an epiphany that involved both a monolith and Joni Mitchell - stayed to study life as a rock musician, yoga teacher and amateur astrologist - as so many do. In addition to singing with the group - Les also releases music under her own name and put out her first solo album “Let it Take You” earlier this year.

Paul Williams comes from the West Midlands, England - Scrobbesbyrigscir to be exact - where he grew up dabbling, as boys will, in bogs, yodeling and Blondie. After college in Sweden, he moved to London, where he was founding member and guitarist for the popular™ U.K. band Circles of Stone. Paul not only plays bass, guitar, viola and keys - he is the group translator and wine-taster.

David Voigt is a military brat, veteran recordng engineer and guitarist for the group. After growing up on both coasts and places in between, he spent most of the 90's in windowless rooms with big knobs and tiny lights, working with the likes of Sun Ra Arkestra, John Cale, Luna, Patti Smith, Yo La Tengo, Bettie Seveert... yet found the time to play bass as a member of the popular™ NYC band and Pitch-A-Tent recording artists Champale.

The group performs in and around NYC and is currently working on an EP with producer Bryce Goggin due in Fall 2011.

Influences: Soft Machine, Captain Beefheart, PiL, Joni Mitchell, Minutemen, Charles Ives


"The Many Moods of..."
beyondnotesLP - released 06/20/2011

beyondnotesLP - released 02/01/2010