The Zealots

The Zealots


George Terry's songwriting has been compared to Elvis Costello, The Shins, Dylan, Hank Williams, XTC, The Clash, Paul Westerburg, The Smiths, Bob Mould ,X & Dave Allin.The band plays in a wide range of "Indy" styles from Folk-Pop, Punk, Funk, Ska, Rockabilly, Blues, AltCountry determined by the song


George is an artist who has lived in NYC, DC, and LA having worked as an inner-city art teacher by day. A variety of experiences in life and art/music stimulate his uncompromising vision which embraces as it critiques alternatives in the cultural mileu of our time. Now home in West Asheville, he and the Zealots have established a mountain perch from which to contribute to the aesthetic, political, and psycho-social discourse through deft tunesmithery and honest musicality. The stories in these songs ring true straight from the life he concrete reality as well as the imagination.


Roar of the Crowd...1999
Feast or Famine...2009
(available on ITunes)
both cds can be heard on songs are available for listening on
Recent airplay and requests for "Feast or Famine" can be made at WNCW-88.7, DJ John (Rose)-UIC RadioChicago, 98'1 The River (Amy Jones), WPFK-103.7,www.ashevilleradio. com, ITunes

Set List

3-4 sets are in our repertoire..they are an 60-90 minutes usually..We have played over 2 hrs. straight.
when the occasion arises.
Feast or Famine, Disposable America, Big Killing, Born Dreamin, Bedrock,The Clinic-O, Another Human, Intensive Care, P-Nuts & Pepsi-Cola, the Glamor & the Gore, My Name is Norm/I Wanna Be President, the Roar of the Crowd, The Man Without Qualities, Born to Be a Salesman, Manifest Destiny, I Want Everything, Emergency, Nature Fights Back,Somebody's Gotta Pay, Heaven's Hands, Out From Under, One Time Too Many, Man's Gotta Problem/Stupid Man
Workin' for Love, You Dressed Me Up( & Then You Couldn't Take Me Nowhere),
One Thing At a Time, Method to the Madness, The Fountain of Youth, Walk on Fire, Another Head, Dick Hart, Somethin's Missing, The Only Thing That Matters,
Deep-Sea Fishing, Chameleon, Red Glare, Hangin' in the Balance,
Chin Deep in Love,
No Hard Feelings
If we do covers, we do The Mayor of Simpleton-XTC, Essence-Lucinda Williams, Broken-Tif