The Zeal Room

The Zeal Room


Beauty and sadness tangle within the gorgeous and heady music created by the Zeal Room. Melodic rock tinged with the blues, this band explores the darker side of humanity and comes out the better for it on the other side. Audiences hush to catch every sound and are pulled along on a musical journey.


Sometimes a very rare breed of band comes together as something more than a blip on the musical radar; a band that plays from the head and the heart, and whose music sings the songs of the soul; a band who demands more from their audience than just a cursory visit. The Zeal Room is one such band.

Tangled within the Zeal Room’s music lies all the beauty and sadness in the world. Fragile, yet strangely resilient, the songs contain the promise of brighter tomorrows within their glorious noise. Drawing comparisons to bands such as Radiohead, Coldplay and Muse, the Zeal Room's music is filled with passion and the kind of appeal that reaches out and grabs people from all walks of life and draws them in.

“We liked the word ‘zeal’ because it describes us well,” says Riddle. “It means energetic, enthusiastic, full of life, pure and exciting.”

“The name ‘the zeal room’ is an extension of that,” explains Cox. “Where ever we play a gig, the venue itself becomes the zeal room, because the band, the stage and the audience form a space. The music exists in that space.”

Ben Riddle has a voice to match the great vocalists, like Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. Cox and Link play like men possessed, and Orenstein brings the groove to the mix. The Zeal Room taps into man’s primordial need to make music and then takes this basic desire into new and beautiful places. This is a band who will take your breath away.

The Zeal Room refuse to limit their musical boundaries, and are constantly pushing themselves to be more. The boys love playing live; playing in rehearsal; playing to record... basically, they just love making music.

Although only new to the live music scene, the Zeal Room is taking audiences by storm. With their energetic live show and beautiful songs, these young musicians will capture your imagination. The band has supported acts such as the Panics, Pilate (Canada), Bluebottle Kiss, the Dave Mann Collective, Thirsty Merc and many more, and has played at such prestigious venues as the Annandale, the Basement, and the Hopetoun Hotel in Sydney. Recently invited for a monthly spot at the Excelsior in Glebe, the Zeal Room has impressed everyone who’s seen them. The band came second in the final of the University of Newcastle campus band comp in 2005, were a finalist in the 2004 and 2005 ABC Newcastle Music Awards, played at the launch of the 2005 Newcastle Music Week, and joined Jeff Lang and others at the REGEN Projects Festival. With some great new songs under their belts, things are looking big for this small band from Newcastle.


Code Red has been played on online and community radio within Australia. At this stage, the Code Red Demo is the only recording available, but the Zeal Room has plans to record their debut EP in 2006.

Set List

The Zeal Room plays an entirely original set. Set length can range from 30 minutes to over an hour, depending on requirements. Songs range from soft acoustic numbers to rock-out tracks. With guitars that sing, and a vocalist whose voice is like an instrument, the Zeal Room creates a rich a varied set list that changes to suit the occasion and the venue.