The Zero Heroes

The Zero Heroes


All about fun for the fans.


Originally formed in 2007 guitarist, Dan Barletta, and bassist, Vin Muniz, decided they wanted to form a band just to play around and have some fun with music. They got the help of Vin's sister, Angelica, for vocals and Vin's previous band mate Mike Dontfraid, as their drummer. Soon enough Cameron Tuttle replaced Angelica for vocals and the band continued to play Blink 182 covers in Dan's basement. The band realized they needed two guitars if they wanted to continue on their musical path, so they moved Mike up to guitar. This allowed them to let their good friend, Sean Robichaud, in as their drummer. As time progressed Mike unfortunately moved away to Georgia due to family issues and the band was left without a second guitar player. This was a bitter sweet time for the band because as Mike moved away they really started to expand their musical variety and were becoming better musicians. The band played a few backyard and basement shows under the name "Dan's Dick" and "Red Letter Day", and soon realized it was time to move on from being strictly a cover band and took some time to write some of their own music. This was a very good time for the band because as well as some originals and more shows they recruited guitar player Josh Harian. Now under the name Zero Heroes the band plans on continuing their writing and recording their first demo in the next few months.


Backyards and Basement Shows(DEMO 2010)

Set List

I'm Not sorry
Something New
Pants Wearing Penguins
Untitled 3