The Zinedines

The Zinedines



With the name as it is, the soccer analogy is inevitable. The Zinedines handle their musical sounds like the world famous footballer handles the ball, they caress it, dangle it in front of you, spin it around you, and before you know it, it’s launch into space to the delight their fans.

The Zinedines story began in 1998 in Wall (Majorca), brothers Manel and Miquel Martínez, dedicated fans of psychedelic rock music, referencing early Floyd, Hendrix and the Beatles, were the founding members. Their 1999 debut, I’M GONNA RISE, included a version of Floyd’s 1967 masterpiece, Astronomy Domine. The release brought about their first acclaim as a band to watch in Spain’s prolific and vibrant power pop and psychedelic rock scene, a scene that boasts many Rainbow Quartz acts; Sidonie, Gallygows, the Gurus and the Winnerys to name check a few.

It wouldn’t be until the 2002 release of their second long player, DIGGIN’ EVERYTHING that the Zinedines received the success and recognition they deserved. The recording blended rich melodies, strings and epic choruses. It was during the recording of DIGGIN’ EVERYTHING that the band took a new shape, Marti Vallespir came in on drums, and Juanjo Tomas enters on Bass, lending some vocal tracks.

In 2004, and with the new line up in place, the Zinedines are ready to handle any pass. With their release of TAKE ME TAKE ME, the Zinedines run circles in your head, with their gorgeous harmonies, sitar, psychedelic drums and power pop riffs. Their sound blends elements of Teenage Fanclub, Cotton Mather, Olivia Tremor Control and the La’s, on opening tracks Twice Upon a Time and title track Take Me Take Me. But with all these influences The Zinedines keep the sound their own.