The Zombie Flanders

The Zombie Flanders


Our music is eclectic, but cohesive in style. We are progressive, but accesible and melodic. The greatest testament to our appeal is that we have people from all over the world, from all age groups, and all personality types who follow our band.


The Zombie Flanders is a melodic, progressive rock band in the New York area. We are progressive in the sense that our arrangements are ambitious and our influences extend beyond straight rock music. But our music is melodic and accessible, with memorable hooks, and interesting emotional contours. That opinion was reinforced recently, by Fred Guarino of TIKI recording studio in Glen Cove, who favorably compared us to the group Yes, pointing out both groups’ ability to combine complexity and emotional impact in our music.

Right now we are recording a new album, and getting ready (through intense rehearsals) to go out on the road in support of that album. Our gigs recommence in May, starting with Patti and Johnny’s in West Hempstead, NY. The management and patrons there have been big supporters of ours, and we couldn’t think of a more fitting place to launch our new tour. Plus, we don’t have to drive that far.

The band was originally formed by Dave who plays keyboard, sings lead, and writes the songs, and Dan who plays drums. Dave is a former student of Dick Grove, a world renowned music educator and even more renowned bad joke teller. Dave studied voice under Katie Agresta, who also trained such notables as Jon Bon Jovi, Cindi Lauper, and Steven Tyler (that’s probably why the lessons cost $85 for a half-hour.) Dan is an accomplished drummer who played mostly prog-rock before meeting up with Dave. Terry and Erik joined the band next. Terry, the bass player, has played in everything from pop rock bands, to jazz trios, to classical ensembles, and Erik, the guitar player comes from a punk and prog-rock background (sounds almost like a paradox, but it works.) Our ultimate goal is complete world domination!...uh, I mean to reach the greatest audience we can. We employ traditional means (live gigs, radio, etc.) and the careful and thorough use of the internet and all it’s tools. We already have an international fan base, many of whom are devoted minions, uh, supporters.

We hope this new tour takes us to many places in and out of the U.S. that we haven’t been before. We love being able to share our music with all types of audiences, and meet all kinds of people. It would be amazing to come face to face with people we have, so far, only connected with online. That’s why this tour will be more expansive, and more fulfilling than any so far.


No Matter

Written By: David Amato Evangelista

All along I've felt you, sang a silent song about my love, and all the hopes that hold me.
And I feel you in the distance with affection, you had a question, and you tried to find me.
All along I haven't had someone, and I haven't felt alone, but I'm not all I can be.
You survive and you thrive you pretend to be happy, is that all you can see, or are you really hiding.
When you venture out into the world that's uncertain, and draw back the curtain, don't know what you might see.
There's a place that you haven't looked so far, don't you recognize the life that's in your heart's desire.

I can tell that your life is not what it seems, did you learn to sacrifice your dreams.
You're afraid I'll see who you really are, but you see now I've come too far.

(CHORUS - No matter what you say or do, I'll always want to be with you somehow, even when you let me down.
No matter how you play the game, I'll stay with you as long as you allow, but for right now, we'll go on the way we are).

Find a vision that you see the final truth before your eyes, and there ain't no denyin'.
all along I had the feeling you were pretending, well it's never ending, but I'll keep on trying.
Did you feel that it couldn't be that way, that you couldn't find the one to share your aspirations.
I can tell that you settle for situation, not inspiration, it's not your heart that's lying.

If you find a place inside you to cry, then the seed of love will never die.
If you open up your heart to me, there's so much more to see.


I had a feeling, it wasn't done.
I found a way to move on without the one.
But, I'll never let it go, that true love is all I know.
And though it seems we're a thousand miles, in my heart, we're together always.


Eyes too dry

Written By: David A. Evangelista

My eyes wont dry, my heart wont cry.
No feelings today, and a part of me died.
It's all about me and the pain that I see.
Drop your flower and let go eternally.
We all wear a mask to make grief a passing phase, it's for everyone if only for a moment. It's for everyone to go on with their lives.

The tears that won't fall, the sadness of it all.
No hope, or it seems, that our lives are shattered dreams.
The final kiss goodbye, the dryness of your eyes. Empty promise consolation for our lies.
We can not mourn today, 'cause there's too much left to say, why can't anyone give just another moment.
Oh the rest of us must go on with our lives.

Can anybody say, it's just another day, all I want to be, is this grief to set me free.
Tomorrow will be bad, but a little bit less sad, and you might just feel a smile take you over.
Dry your eyes tonight and live your life again...

...Dry your tears, it's time to let your life begin again.

I've been saving for your love

Written By: David A. Evangelista

I've been saving for your love.
I've been saving for your love true.
I've been saving for your love.
I've been saving for your love too.

I've been saving for so long.
I've been waiting eternally.
I've been saving for so long.
Night has come and it's set on me.

So long, true love.
I've been saving to let it be.
Too long, for love.
I've been hoping that you'd pick me.

I've been seeing a difference,
in the way that you look at me.
All I see is your innocence.
You calm the night from a restless dream.

Starlight, at night.
Seems so vivid so plain to see.
You fade away with the sunlight.
Are you real? Won't you come to me.

I think back on all those years I tried.
I was searching for your love.
Can't tell when all those feelings died.
Lost and searching for your love.
I was searching for your love true.

I was saving for your love.
When you found me I hadn't seen.
Almost finding my true love.
Then I said what I didn't mean.

Fool heart, say a lot.
Giving up on a true love.
Find again what you haven't got.
When you're searching for your love.
When you're searching for your love true.

I tried to follow in good time.
But your footsteps were just too fast.
I tried to tame my infant mind, and run from the past, just as fast as I can.

(I've been blazing for your love.
Light a fire within my heart)
Guiding beacon for your love.
The stage is set wont you play your part.

Can't try...
I've been saving for your love.
Don't cry...

I've been saving for your love.
Won't you find me we'll get away.
Once you've seen that it's true love.
Let your heart out it wants to play.

Couldn't Believe

Written By: David A. Evangelista

Shoulda guessed, you'd always feel that way.

Shoulda known it wasn't going to stay.

Shoulda believed in something more grand.

Shoulda held, shoulda moved, shoulda taken a stand.

Never impressed, I knew I couldn't win your heart.

I musta been blind, I shoulda seen from the start.

Shoulda been wise there's no foolin' you.

Shoulda pulled back shouldn't have left a clue.

(LEAD IN)But I couldn't go on, no I...

And I couldn't see.

(CHORUS)And I couldn't believe it would never be, wanted to leave yes I wanted to flee. Couldn't believe I wanted so bad that something that I never had. Couldn't believe. Couldn't believe. Couldn't believe. Couldn't believe.

Pushed it aside looking for something real.

In a town full of mirrors that's not a bad deal.

I'm getting closer to finding my place.

It's taken a while to get up to pace.

Once in a while, I still think of you.

Sometimes, I don't know what to do.

Can't understand why you'd still be my friend.

Never can tell what'l happen in the end.

(Repeat lead in and chorus)

(BRIDGE) Any time that I think of you. Among the many you're among the few, I've never felt this way before. There's no other who can make me feel, like my fantasy is real. I won't deny it anymore.

Open my eyes want to explore out there.

Gotta be more, seen it in a one sided stare.

No one stared back, on no one to fix my gaze.

Feels like I'm lost, wandering through a maze.

(Repeat lead in and chorus)


Written By: David A. Evangelista

What if you take the easy way out.
What if you step out of the shadow of doubt.
You get some pleasure out of telling a lie, but it never can last until the day you die.

Don't you know it's gonna catch up to you.
When pushed into a corner, what'ya gonna do?
You think you'll go on living that way,
but soon you'll find you have nothing left to say.

So many stories that you keep track of.
So many lives that you left behind.
So many ways that you changed your mind.
You wouldn't get lost, but you're fooled by my...

Deception, it's not what you think though,
many forms you can rely on my...
Deception, you're out on the brink now.
You step wrong and you blow my line.
Deception, it's not for the weak, or maybe that's the point, when you're strong you don't need...

How do you plan to lead so many lives.
When lookin' out of corners through so many eyes.
Focus on direction, there's no time to look back, when you stop movin' on that's when the truth attacks.

Can you start all over in another world.
You turn around and recognize the truth unfurled.
(If) you move fast, there's no time to catch up, but step to the side and you'll be out of luck.

It's gone on too long, you should've gotten the point now.
You can't get through the day on the toss of a coin now.
It's not loud and clear if there's no message to send.
You live through the eyes of your family and friends...

Deception, it doesn't last long now.
Better be sharp, or better move it along.
Deception, we've gotten too close.
I lose touch, but I can't make it right.
Deception, the price is too high.
I'm gonna lose it all if I go by my...

Were you thinkin' Oh!, he will never find out when you crossed the line and told me a lie.
How'd you think I felt when the truth was betrayed, and the bonds we had were left out to die.
All the ones you hurt, can you look in their eyes, don't you see that they're ready to cry.
All this time away, does it make you reflect, or will you fall into the hole that you dug for yourself with,...

- look away 'cause it's closin' in fast.
-Always leads to a circular path.
-You won't defeat it will you chose to delay.
-It's all in your head now. You can make it right, you can change it today.

Funk it

Written By: David A. Evangelista

Oh, hear it fall, and the Sun, in it's time.
Oh, hear it all, on the run, in the rhyme.
All around.
Water drops, flowing river.
Movin' trees, branches quiver.
Blowin wind, pushing clouds,...
All around!

Well you said part of me, was a mystery, an enigma, and a lie.
But, you won't rescue me, you have no empathy, just suspicion, to justify.
All around you there is harmony, but you only hear dissonant sounds.
There is music in our lives, all you have to do is stop and look around,..
All around!

Just then the other day, I looked the other way, so judicious, compromise.
But you just had to say, there were no shades of gray. That's fictitious, no surprise.
You create a feeling that I can not survive, but there's only a moment of doubt.
If I can't open your ears and your eyes, then I'll find a way out,...
Got to get out!

All the trouble that you cause.
Movin' fast, no time to pause.
What's the message that you send?
Maybe this should be the end!

You were a part of me, a part of all you see. We were magic. We were one.
Then, we lost harmony, atonal melody. It was tragic. It came undone.
My heart skips a beat, but I decide to move on, with the pain that is growin' in my heart.
It's a brand new day, I will find,...a brand new start.

Now I look back on the time that we were fine, and I figure it must have been me.
All along I was the one, who was not in harmony.

I see

Written By: David A. Evangelista

What's the latest word, one time she said have you heard?
All in all it seems just like the past.
Is it that we'll find a way, to make it through another day,
Or will we find a way to make it last.

And I can't tell if it's a vision of a time.
And all that memory is dying.
If I look back it seems the lesson wasn't learned.
This time, let's not look away.

And I see, the light again.
And I see the sun.
And I see you smile again.
And I've seen you run.

And I"ve seen the hope within the distant hearts of fire.
And I've seen the darkness turned to light.
And desperation soon will turn into desire.
And darkness soon will turn to light.

For this time we'll fly along, joining up in heart and song.
For united causes we will stand.
To their suffering people cling, but winter always turns to spring.
And soon it will be moving through the land.

I know sometimes it seems we live in different worlds.
And all the innocence is lying.
The complications we impose don't need to be.
Soon the dawn will bring another day.


And all the time we seem to spend on pulling things apart.
And finding ways to hold on to the pain.
You can change your suffering into a brand new start.
And finally clear away the rain.
Yes, finally clear away the rain.

All this time I've been left wondering why.
We can't know until we really try.
There are those who day it can't be done.
They think we're captive to the rule of the gun.
But they don't know that freedom's in the heart of everyone.
Of everyone.


We have had radio (commercial and college) airplay on numerous occasions. (Hofstra, Farmingdale Universites, WLIR-under different ownership. Others as well.)
We released EP's on two occasions. Both sold well at gigs, and got radio play. We are currently working on another EP and a full length album as well.

Set List

2)No Matter
3)Didn't Know
4)Couldn't Believe
5)Funk It
6) End of Motion
7)Breaking Free
8)Doodooloo Doodooloo
9)Livin' in a Shelter
10)I See
13)I've Been Saving for Your Love
14) Eyes Too Dry


1)Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John
2)The Way it is - Bruce Hornsby
3)Peace Frog - The Doors
4)Prelude/Angry Young Man - Billy Joel
5)Get Back - The Beatles
6)My Wife - The Who
7)Loving Cup - The Rolling Stones
8)Superstition - Stevie Wonder
9)Subdivisions - Rush
10)Badge - Cream
11)And Your Bird Can Sing - The Beatles
12)Stand Back - The Allman Brothers
13)Any Major Dude - Steely Dan
14)Long Distance Runaround - Yes
15)Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - Elton John
16)You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles
17)Scenes From an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel
18)Sugar Magnolia - The Greatful Dead
19)Watermelon in Easter Hay - Frank Zappa
20)Keep on Rolling - REO Speedwagon
21)I Wa