The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide

 Marinette, Wisconsin, USA

There is something bigger in this world. A battle that is going under our very own noses. Its there with each sunset, and its there with each sunrise. There is a battle between the Devil and God for your soul. This is a call to arms! This is... The Zombie Survival Guide


It seems that in this world there is a constant deterioration. It could be something simple, such as an abandoned building with no upkeep. It could also be the integrity of music. The Zombie Survival Guide is compromised of 4 members all with a heart for Christ and the music they play. The sound brought to the table is a sound that is abrasive, yet at the same time warming. Guitar parts that work their way up and down the fret board, almost like that yo-you you had as a kid that you loved. A bass line that doesn't seem to follow the guitar, but at the same time creates the backbone to something that seems almost like it's more than just a song. Adding to that backbone are the drums with a thunderous sound that can switch between double bass lead parts, to parts that will make you want to dance, to blast beats that will make you shutter and smile at the same time. Vocally and lyrically driven from the sounds and stories that make up our lives. Music can either be something for pure entertianment, or it can be an experience. The Zombie Survival Guide is an experience, not just another run of the mill show or band.


Al Gorier The Mech Warrior

Written By: The Zombie Survival Guide

Can you see the king, through the eyes of a jester?
Can you see me through this thick fog?
I have lived through the eyes of a jester
I can't see you through this thick fog
Darkness consumed
Temptations abroad
I've fallen away
I've fallen away
Take my hand
Please guide me through
The fog has come
The fog has come for m
I am being swallowed
Into this fog that I've created
I let go
You gave me your hand, and I let go
When can I fall back into your arms
For the fog has come for me

The War Hammer

Written By: The Zombie Survival Guide

We forget
We fall into this world
We regret
We dig ourselves deeper
This is a call to arms!
Off your feet!
Outsides a war!
Crimson! Revival!
Dust this dirt, off your heart
This is no time for pride.
But I'm losing ground.
So we dig our feet down
This great silence threatens!
Wake us up with terror
Oh the terror!
This great silence threatens

Leif Erikson Was A Viking

Written By: The Zombie Survival Guide

I keep stepping in and out of this mask
Its like a face I can't run from
And I swear if you open me up
You'll find faith, somewhere in here
Man VS man VS infection
Remberence of the day lost
In battles of lost perfection
Make sure these scars heal!
This stiches aren't seemingly right!
King oh king can you see me through this?
King oh kind please see me through this!
'Cause I swear when you open me up
You'll find faith, somewhere in here!
Use your hands!
Remove this mask!
Use your hands!
Take this mask!


Unmasked EP(2008)

Set List

Currently a set list of 10 songs lasting about 1 hour. Songs include Al Gorier The Mech Warrior, Monty And His Ministry, and Independent Living 101