The Zoopy Show

The Zoopy Show


Beautiful girls, wearing skimpy red and black uniforms, dance before a captivated audience. Pypy tells stories of sex, war and freedom. Behind her stands 3 furry monsters. She finishes her story, and the muppet aliens explode into punk rocktronica, devestating the room with pounding Beats & Bass


"Giant costumed monster musicians, puppets on drugs, ....
.... and goth cheerleaders. These are the component elements of San Francisco's The Zoopy Show."

"Musically, their sound veers toward post-apocolyptic Carl Stalling"

"it's rather amazing how pleasant and accessible the Zoopy sound is for modern audiences, especialy those who've been wondering what the next evolutionary step for Northern California hyphy would prove to be."
-written by JASON SHAWHAN All the Rage, Nashville, TN July 5 - 12 2007
Music section, page 42

Three monsters and their crack addicted alien friend, Mr. Zappatto, have crash landed on earth to start anew. After a long life of warfare, the Zoopy monsters have turned their weapons into intruments and started making booty shaking tunes for their new earthling friends. Joined by the Zoopy Girlz, former nuns turned go-go dancers, the Zoopy Monsterz fight a new battle to bring a higher consciousness to Earth through the power of music.



Written By: Jody Gelbart

You always knew
that you had it made.
you always knew when
you'd get paid.
It seemed like things
would never change,
I know thats why it seems so strange.

You feel weak in your
heart and soul!
You don't know where
you'lle go.
At least you made it till you got old.
I wish we coulda been more close.

I know that you have
done me wrong,
I also know those
times are gone.
I don't lay fault or
find no blame,
we all go in and out of sane.

So I........
will continue on in this world.
and I........
will sing you this song
when you are gone.
and I.......
will sing this song in this world.
and I.........
will wish that you were still around.

Lovin Me

Written By: Jody Gelbart

Crime and violence
Time and highness
livin in ghettoness
of course you said fuck this!

We all know,
that its not hard to go...
and then you sink solo

They never stopped with these
endless lies.
Tell me, all these dirty lies.
The only truth is we're gonna die,
all else, lies

They fucked my brain up with someone else.
The most evil shit I feed myself.
I aint sayin I believe in hell,
Im just gonna die.

I want to see,
a wonderful place to be.
That no one can reach,
unless they be lovin me.

Food Pussy and Art

Written By: Jody Morris Gelbart

One day I was walkin down the street
jus' thinkin, an starin at my feet.
Thinkin bout three things that I adore,
gimme these three things,
an i won't say no more.

you can think about me what you want
cuz I dont care,
an i aint tryin to front.
Im just tryin make it through the day
tryin do things my own fuckin way

You can think about me
what you please.
cuz your approval,
is not somethin I need.
People try to tell me that Im wrong,
They wonder how,
how i lived so long

Food Pussy and Art

Zoopy Funk Warriors

Written By: Jody Morris Gelbart

We are the Zoopy Funk Warriors
One of us is worth four of yours
Our claws are kickin down steel doors
We win the battles
we win the wars

We stole a spaceship,
and came to earth.
When we heard music,
it was rebirth.
turned all our weapons into
so we could overthrow the government.

Turn all your weapons into instruments
so we could overthrow the government.

Earth government no more,
We win the battles,
we win the war


They Came to Earth

Set List

We play and hour set with a format of a song followed by a story or comedic bit, then back into another song. Each story flows into the next song. Some of our most popular songs are Food Pussy and Art, Strong, The 7th Veil of Zoopy, and Zgirlz, to name a few. We can play longer sets if requested, but our hour set is science at this point.