The Zou

The Zou

 Youngstown, Ohio, USA

"Music for driving off a cliff in slow-motion."


Since 2007, The Zou has been marching across the country, gathering the support of music lovers and critics. They have been described as "Intelligent and electrifying Nouveau Rock", "A dark assemblage of snarky lyrics, gritty bass, and 2 colossal keyboardists" and "Indie rock to be proud of".

Ohio based, nationally touring and regionally reigning - If you haven't heard of The Zou yet, you will soon.

Born in a Midwestern scene dominated by affluent white youths, The Zou is a transnational ethnic musical collective of 1st generation Americans. They are the sons and daughters of Lebanese revolutionaries, Palestinian refugees, Italian grocers, and Filipino migrants. This unique background shows in the crafting of their indie rock. The Zou's music reflects a quality and creativity seldom found in mainstream music.

The Zou is receiving rave reviews nationally for their unique approach to creating "non rock-inspired rock" drawing influences from such bizarre sources as Nintendo games and musical theater.

Their latest album ARCHAEOPTERYX was awarded #2 Album of The Year (4.5/5), by Sawkick Media beating out rock heavy-hitters Muse, NIN, and Foo Fighters.

The Zou has performed over 400 shows in over 25 states in such respected venues as:
The Bitter End and The Hard Rock Cafe - New York, NY
Crane's Tavern - Hollywood, CA
Tasty World - Athens, GA
The House of Blues - Cleveland, OH
The Monte Vista Hotel - Flagstaff, AZ
The New World Brewery - Tampa, FL
Herman's Hideaway - Denver, CO
Le Swimming - Montreal, QC Canada
The Exit/In - Nashville, TN
Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, Ga
Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA


The Zou- Archaeopteryx/2009
The Zou - The Pinebox EP /2007
The Zou - Don't Dream it... Be It (the Zou's Rocky Horror Tribute E.P.
The Zou - The Zou / 2004
Majestic Records Beatles Complilation (I've got a feeling - cover) / 2004
'05 Nouveau Rock Sampler (Main Artists) / 2005
The Zou Video Disk / 2004
'04 Nouveau Rock Sampler (Main Artists) / 2004
The Zou - Sleazy Demo / 2003
The Zou - Basement Tapes /2002

Set List

The Zou is an original act. A usual setlist is about 45 - 1 hour long, but The Zou is flexible and can create extended sets.