Our music is versatile. It encompasses many genres stemming from past and current musical training and performances. It can be classified as Latin, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Dance and Adult Contemporary. We make every effort to accomodate a variety of music to keep everyone entertained.


Antiguo Sol is a band in Texas that shares a sun-bleached border with many performers and musical styles. Comprised of two core members, Josue Hernandez and Ramon Castillo, Antiguo Sol became its own entity in 2001 with the release of the their CD. Although that recording marked the band's first official output, there is more due out soon. A wide variety of tours, performances and recording sessions as Antiguo Sol and Antigua Bay (former band name) and with other artists as well as their continuing relationship with various other musicians, allowed the group the opportunity to develop as artists. Over time, Antiguo Sol has featured a revolving cast of musicians and vocalists, the band's sonic growth can be traced through its varied releases and re-arrangments of known tunes as well.

Antiguo Sol is un grupo musical en Texas que comparte su ambiente con la frontera que le da oportunidad de tocar estilos musicals variados. Josue Hernandez y Ramon Castillo son los principiantes del grupo.

Sobre el tiempo, Antiguo Sol ha desenvuelto varios musicos por el tiempo y sigue disfrutando de su exito y batallas como todo groupo musical los tiene.

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Released "Cool Water" by Antigua Bay in 2002. This may be purchased through CD Baby.

Set List

Our set list includes covers of standard popular tunes and a few original compositions.