Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water

 Fenton, Michigan, USA

Thicker Than Water is an alternative-Christian rock band comprised of four brothers who's sound is a perfect collision between U2 and the Foo Fighters.


Hailing from greater Flint, Mich., Thicker Than Water announces the independent release of their album “Proclaim!” Band mates and brothers David (drums), Joe (guitar), Andrew (bass guitar) and Daniel (lead vocals, keyboards) together formed Thicker Than Water in 2007 and “Proclaim!” is their much- anticipated second album following their debut “Canyon” in 2008.

“Love found us and we have been called to Proclaim.” That singular message is the foundation for this latest effort and a succinct expression of the band’s passion to grow and evolve as Christians. Spiritually motivated, the boys bend and blend elements from their personal, profession and family lives into heartfelt lyrics spread out over top of spacious and melodic instrumentals – a comfortable mix of praise and worship alongside alternative and indie rock.

Asked about the genesis for this latest work, drummer David had this reflection, “We played a live show and weeks later, someone dropped Daniel a note that said our message that day saved their life. Wow. We learned a big lesson as that was the furthest thing from our hearts that day – we actually walked off the stage critical of each other and our performance. I think that’s when it hit home about what we have been called to do as a group. The song and this album ‘Proclaim!’ is simply that – we are called to proclaim Christ’s love and grace. And when we do God will work despite our human nature to want get in the way.”

“Proclaim!” is three years in the making as the guys have been singularly focused with much of their band time spent playing live music. Lead guitarist Joe explains, “Sure, we love recording music, and the second album was always in the plans but what really inspires us is playing live - the energy we get from playing together and the interactions we have with those listening and joining in with us.”

And in the past two years specifically, the band has been choosing to play events that allow them to reach their audience on a more intimate level. Joe continues, “We love to play smaller events and coffee shops where we can have a real dialogue and share our lives with those who are at our concerts. We would rather play to a smaller crowd with a chance to connect rather than a larger venue. “

That isn’t to say that Thicker Than Water can’t command a stage. Thicker Than Water was invited to play the large stage at The Big Ticket Festival in 2010 and is continually courting invitations to play larger venues and youth rallies throughout Mid-Michigan.

Feel free to follow the band on facebook ( to get updates on shows and news about the band. For booking information, please visit their contact page and send them an email. Thanks and God bless!


At This Moment

Written By: Thicker Than Water

My heart is transparent to You
I put up walls, You see right through
When trouble comes, I look around there's no one to blame
Cover my head from You, I feel shame
But for reasons I can't explain
Stripped away the old, You remain

You can say at this moment I am Yours
Haven't always been true, haven't always stayed the course
But Your Love will soon reveal,
All that the world can not steal
You can say at this moment I am Yours

Temporary, is the theme
You know my heart, is more than it seems
Marked by the world and all it's stain and all it's pain
Seems as though I'm set that I will never change
This truth inside me grows
This truth inside my heart, I know.

I am anew
Confident in You
Find the peace in what I choose
What I choose



Set List

Set list of original songs and covers tailored to the needs of the event.

Original Songs
So Simply
Proclaim (not on first album)
We've Already Won
At This Moment
What I'm Living For
Do Not Fear
High and Lifted Up
I'm Still Standing (not on the album)

Covers include contemporary Christian music to an assortment of todays alternative rock:
Take My Hands
Mighty To Save
Prepare Ye The Way
Blessed Be Your Name
Trading My Sorrows
Holy Is The Lord
He Reigns
Shout To The Lord
Beautiful Day - U2
And Many More!

If you do not see a song on the above list that you are just dying to hear, do not fear... these guys will play it.

TTW takes the stage with enthusiasm unlike many others. Play time can be adjusted, but typically ranges between 45 - 60 minutes.