Thick Red Wine

Thick Red Wine


I am an odd, earnest, intelligent, and passionate songwriter. My songs come from mixing a literary tradition with DIY punk rock ideals. They're mostly autobiographical personal narratives. I live and breathe the idea that it's okay to be different. That you can make your own space in the world.


Thick Red Wine is the DIY punk folk project of 24 year old New Jersey singer-songwriter Mike Wojciechowski. The project is an ongoing journal of growing up in America.

Influenced heavily by the Mountain Goats, Jeffrey Lewis, Paul Baribeau, Clem Snide, and Jason Anderson, Thick Red Wine aligns with a lot of literary traditions as a songwriter while also adhering to DIY punk rock values. There’s no line of distinction drawn in the sand as some unreachable, divinely inspired musician. Instead, the song catalog is conversational, vulnerable, and story-based.

Besides writing songs, Wojciechowski has also written for the experimental music website Tiny Mixtapes. His musical interests diverge into eclectic directions—Sun Ra, field recordings, the Boredoms, vaporwave, Maria Minerva, Shrimper, 90s lo-fi, 80s hardcore, obscured soul.

While the Thick Red Wine debut album aligns more with the folk genre, the current lineup is electric guitar, drums, and trumpet. The next album could be a straight-punk album or a noise album or a lo-fi hypnagogic pop single. The project is much less tied to genre than it is tied to the ever-changing lyrical-based creative inspirations.


2011 - Come At Me Bro EP
2013 - Thank You Based God b/w Regulate Single
2013 - Never Wanted To Be Cool LP