Thief Urban

Thief Urban


Thief Urban is an innovative new electronic pop project from a artist on a mission to change the world one song at a time.


Arriving on the scene mid 2012, Thief Urban's intimate electro pop jams immediately created a stir amongst the international blog community.

With a flurry of interest from a range of tastemakers and record labels, Thief is currently working towards the release of his first single Closer, and followup EP to come mid 2013.



Written By: Thief Urban

Stone cold, You put me in my place again
I feel old, Like everything's a race again
And I cant pretend, I want it anymore
When it's just a shadow, underneath the door

I know what, I've gotta do, This is over
I'm too tired, of watching you, fuck me over
I can't be, what you want me to, just look closer
closer closer closer

Feels like, I'm never gonna see the end
The bright light, is waiting just around the bend
And I feel like I have walked this road before
And I cant remember what Im looking for