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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Punk





There are hundreds of bands that play pop-punk with the same urgency and heart-on-sleeve romanticism as Thieves, but there's an anthemic sweep to the Austin band's melodic thrashings that lifts it above the faceless hordes singing in the same pinched, nasally tones. Thieves' dense, speedy songs deftly marry surging hardcore beats with a keen pop sense, providing enough technical chops and turn-on-a-dime breakdowns to satisfy fans of heavier fare. Songs like "Slo-Motion" and "Second Star To The Right" might suffer from an overabundance of ideas, but in a stagnant sea of sound-alikes, that's not such a bad thing. - The Onion

"Absolute 100 of 2012"

The pop-punk genre is flooded with much of the same, so hearing a band that likes to do something different is refreshing. For Thieves, that something different is a lot of time changes and more technical musicianship than we're used to hearing. On Achiever, an album that centers around the trials of being forced to grow up but wanting to do what you love, the band combines the passion of the pop-punk of yesteryear with an endearing and identifiable concept. -

"Alternative Press Song Premiere/Interview: Thieves"

Brandishing a surprisingly technical sword for a pop punk band, today we've got a premiere of "The Wisdom Of Insecurity" from Thieves' upcoming EP, Achiever.

While Thieves are rooted in pop-punk, the playing on your work is extremely high. What's the impetus behind creating technically proficient music in what is often a stylistically simple music scene? - Alternative Press

"Just Give It Up Album Review"

This album is such an album. I know that sounds weird but what I mean is that its solidarity and cohesiveness are remarkable. Perhaps because of the great scrutiny the album was approached with, it comes out flawless with not one second where you question what they’re doing. Just Give It Up, opposite to what you would assume from its title, is a very fun and inspiring forty-two minutes of music. I really enjoy this album and that is saying a lot from someone who rarely enjoys music of this style. Not only are they great musicians, but Thieves are also an extremely humble band that deserves every bit of recognition they receive. I have no doubt that major labels will be trying to scoop these guys up soon and we’ll be seeing them on the cover of Alternative Press. I also have no doubt that no matter what happens, Thieves will remain modest and will never lose sight of the reasons for playing music. - Let The Rhythm Melt Your Bones

"Just Give It Up Album Review"

Overall, Just Give It Up is a record that skillfully delivers the combination of hardcore and pop punk with touching and sincere lyrics, giving you forty minutes of refreshing pop punk fun. - The Sound Alarm

"Achiever EP Review"

The EP is honest, quirky, and awe-inspiring. The band does not slave over trying to transcend their contemporaries; in doing so, Thieves surpass their own expectations and create something that will surprise everyone. - More Than Sound Collective

"Achiever EP Review"

Quite a feat for any band, least of all a young band doing it all on their own. If Thieves can pull this off live – and I have no doubt that they can – they could be on the verge of leading a whole new movement of aggressive pop-punk for the modern era. - The Impaler Speaks

"Achiever EP Review"

Quite a feat for any band, least of all a young band doing it all on their own. If Thieves can pull this off live – and I have no doubt that they can – they could be on the verge of leading a whole new movement of aggressive pop-punk for the modern era. - The Impaler Speaks

"Achiever EP Review"

Achiever is what every concept album should aim to be. This band has a sound that Take This to Your Grave would sound like Fall Out Boy were just a bit heavier and more technically skilled. For such a popular album, you rarely see bands with a comparable sound.

My reviews come from the belief that the artist deserves to have more fans but for this instance I think it’s the fans that deserve Thieves. -

"Achiever EP Review"

Achiever is what every concept album should aim to be. This band has a sound that Take This to Your Grave would sound like Fall Out Boy were just a bit heavier and more technically skilled. For such a popular album, you rarely see bands with a comparable sound.

My reviews come from the belief that the artist deserves to have more fans but for this instance I think it’s the fans that deserve Thieves. -

"Thieves / Coming Clean Split EP Review"

The second side of the split features the contributions from Texas’ Thieves, who offer a contrast to Coming Clean’s '90s-esuqe pop punk with an eclectic sound rooted in melodic ambient and intricate rock with a punk edge.

Closer, “Right Back At You” shows the band in a versatile light where the guitar work is incendiary and song-craftsmanship is majestic. - More Than Sound Collective

"Concert Review: Senses Fail at Emo's East"

The show opened up with a surprisingly captivating performance from Thieves, a local Austin band. Thieves doesn’t just break the local-Austin-band stereotype; they shatter it. The band’s repertoire contains no cliché hipster tunes, no overdone synth and no pointless, airy jam sessions. Instead the band plays heavy pop-punk with an incredibly gifted guitarist and a singer who’s found the secret behind singing in a higher range without being annoying.

Following Thieves was pop punk outlet The Story So Far. Not nearly as alluring as the show opener, The Story So Far’s generic pop punk coupled with lead singer Parker Cannon’s harsh yell acted as a mere transition from one band to another. - Red River Noise

"Austin Music Awards 2012"

Best Punk
6) Thieves - The Austin Chronicle

"Thieves Early Show At Emo's"

Local Austin hardcore comes in more forms and varieties than it is credited for; Thieves is a step away from the genre, strongly incorporating a melodic pop punk enthusiasm into their style. Comprised of three original members from the deceased hardcore heavyweight title holder in the Austin area, The Cabaret, the band is well equipped with solid musicians who know exactly how leave it all on the stage.

For those of you reject pop punk on the basis of its inconsistency with what you consider to be brutal enough to jam to, I hope you do not also consider yourself to be open-minded about music. There are good and bad bands within any given genre; Thieves just so happens to be the best.

Support your local music! These guys work as hard as any of the artists on the radio. If you wish to retain any honor or valor as a human, you will pay Thieves' myspace the visit it deserves. You will not be disappointed. -

"The Sleeping"

The Sleeping may well be eclipsed by the seemingly endless surge of pissy young bands that love both hardcore’s melodramatic screaming and emo’s melodramatic whining. Before that happens, let the New York group enjoy due credit for crafting a listenable take on the formula. 2009's What It Takes—released by Victory Records, the label that pretty much owns said formula—is full of requisite angularity and simplistic lyrical screeds, but vocalist Doug Robinson appears to be learning some restraint, while keyboardist Chris Evans wields his Hammond in a way that sounds downright sinister. Fire From The Gods leans heavily on the standards of 21st-century headbanging—drop-tunings, Cookie Monster vocals, obscure nautical references—which is a less adventurous approach than the freeform meltdowns of Strangers or The Anti-Scene's attempts to legitimize rap-rock. Austin's "easycore" quartet Thieves make swift, anthemic pop-punk for young dreamers. - The Onion


With its opening chant of “You don’t need maps / when you know where the sidewalk cracks,” Fireworks’ “Detroit” makes it abundantly clear that the Motor City pop-punks aren’t about to launch into their personal “The Big Three Killed My Baby.” Whereas the city’s history as a manufacturing hub has inspired countless other Detroit-born rockers to play off of the industrial clangor and sludgy by-products of now-shuttered automotive plants, Fireworks takes an optimistic cue from Henry Ford (and, by extension, Motown Records), seeking inspiration in technical proficiency, sleekness, and swiftness. The result is a punchier, crunchier version of The Get Up Kids’ hymns to post-adolescent angst welded to blue-collar camaraderie. (The band has a fitful Austin analogue in Thieves.) The Swellers’ power-chord portraits of company-town malaise take the opposite course, while Man Overboard and Transit defiantly rail against pop-punk clichés. - The Onion

"Red 7 Free Week"

Oh, the magic of Free Week: Where else would you ever see a Devo cover band, a contemporary take on '90s post-hardcore, and a swaggering blues-metal act all share the same bill at Red 7? Only here, where Big Mess, We'll Go Machete, and Scorpion Child headline an evening connected primarily by guitars and distortion (so only early Devo really counts there). Upon further inspection, Watching The Moon, Paper Shapes, and Markov share We'll Go Machete's affection for Bush The First-era Dischord, and White Rhino's heavy boogie could easily cozy up to the doomsaying chug of Eagle Claw on classic-rock radio. Rounding out this loosely linked sonic sampler, Thieves put their hyper-technical, hearts-on-sleeves pop-punk up against the mathy mess of Shitty Carwash. - The Onion


Coming Clean Split EP
May 21st, 2013
Love and Death Records
1. Offline
2. Right Back At You

"Quarter Life Crisis (Acoustic)" appears on
Disconnect, Disconnect Records Acoustic compilation, "Disconnected"
Released July 9th, 2013

Achiever EP
July 31st, 2012
Independently released
1. Achiever
2. The Wisdom of Insecurity
3. Broken Down, Breaking Ground
4. Bioluminescence
5. Compassion vs. Contempt
6. Entitled to Nothing
7. Quarter Life Crisis
8. Believer

"Achiever" Single
October 2011
Independently realeased

Just Give It Up LP
May 13th, 2011
The Vagabond Collective
1. One Reckless Year
2. Out Of Control
3. Second Star To The Right
4. Today Is Going To Be Different
5. What Goes Around
6. The Thought Alone
7. Staying Up
8. Slo-Motion
9. Never Stop Writing
10. People Like You Are A Plague
11. An Open Road With An Open End
12. All I Need

“Lights On All The Houses” appears on the
xEasycorex Holiday Compilation
released December 20th, 2010

Self-Titled Demo
Summer 2009
1. Second Star To The Right
2. What Goes Around
3. Slo-Motion
4. All I Need



Blurring the lines between pop rock, hardcore, ambient, and punk, Thieves has been crafting anthemic sing-alongs since 2009. Having sweated all over 32 of the 48 contiguous United States (and Vancouver, BC) with no label support, the band hasn't stopped proving their work ethic.

In 2009, Thieves released a self stamped four song demo that they spread as far as they could in between school schedules. After building a solid regional fanbase and beginning to sell out shows in Austin, TX, they teamed up with The Vagabond Collective to release their debut full length, Just Give It Up.

On May 13, 2011, the band released the album at a sold out headlining show on the inside stage of the legendary Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX. Several tours to support the album followed, including a four week stint supporting With The Punches (Doghouse Records) and Carridale (Panic Records).

The success of Just Give It Up gained the attention of Transmission Entertainment who invited the band to play Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2011.

In 2012, Thieves won the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands, landing them a spot on the San Antonio date of the Vans Warped Tour. The band shot two videos for their full length and continued touring to support the record while conceiving their follow up album, the Achiever EP.

On July 25th, Alternative Press Magazine premiered a new track from the album and posted an interview with Thieves. The band released the album on July 28th, 2012 to a capacity crowd on the outside stage of The Gypsy Lounge in East Austin. Typical to the band's style, the seamless 28 minute concept record is filled with surprises including prevalent tempo changes, thrashy guitar solos, jazz sections, and ambient pieces that seem to reference Texas trail blazers, Explosions In The Sky.

The album received great critical reviews and named Thieves one of the top 100 bands of 2012. The band hit the east coast to support the album on a tour that spanned as far as Bangor, Maine. Later that year, the Austin Chronicle named Thieves one of the top 10 punk bands in Austin, placing them right above local legends, Riverboat Gamblers.

Thieves met New Jersey pop punkers, Coming Clean, during this tour and went on to release a split EP with the band on Love And Death Records on May 21st, 2013 . These songs were the band's first vinyl and cassette releases and showed a growth in their constantly evolving sound. In October 2013, PropertyOfZack premiered a well received music video for the EP’s single, Offline.

A west coast tour that took the band as far as Vancouver, BC followed the release of the split album. At the end of the tour, Thieves made a stop in Los Angeles, CA to record five new songs with Beau Burchell, who has produced multiple records for Capitol Records recording artist, Saosin, and many other notable acts including The Bronx, Hit The Lights, The Bled, and Bayside.

The band is actively seeking label partnerships to release the new EP and full-time touring opportunities in order to spread their hyper energetic live show as far as possible.

Thieves has shared the stage with Set Your Goals, Fireworks, The Swellers, Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Senses Fail, Stick To Your Guns, Authority Zero, Strung Out, Danzig Legacy, Paint It Black, Cave In, Trash Talk, Bane, Earth Crisis, Touche Amore, Defeater, The Wonder Years, Grade, The Ataris, Waaves, and many more.

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