Thieves & Shadows

Thieves & Shadows


Thieves & Shadows music fits nicely somewhere between indie and rock & wouldn't go amiss at a stadium show. With huge chorus', great melodies; both guitar and vocal, & lyrics that'll be trapped in your head all day. They bring something fresh & new to the table with their brand new self-titled EP 'Thieves & Shadows'.


We started Thieves & Shadows in Cuckfield in late 2011 and we are made up of Josh Bannister (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Jack Boughen (Drums), Dave Blight (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Shaun Turquand (Bass). We wanted to start some new & different to what we'd all tried in the past with the main intention of having an amazing time & potentially getting somewhere big one day where thousand of people enjoy the music we write.

For lack of a better description, we feel the band can be described as stadium/arena rock as the large chorus' & catchy lyrics wouldn't go amiss in somewhere like the O2 arena, though there are many other elements in it that make it something truly unique. Though we love our recordings, we really pride ourselves on our live shows being the best & we always give 110%. Mainly doing shows in the Brighton area & having Josh as a student at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, has given us the opportunity to play at great Brighton venues such as The Haunt & Audio.

We have our debut, self-titled EP 'Thieves & Shadows' coming February 2013, which we are all extremely proud of. Featuring five tracks 'Homesick', 'Better Off', 'Cold Hands', 'Interlude' & 'Refuge', we feel it is a great first contribution from our band. We recorded the EP throughout 2012 at Ford Lane studios in Ford with Oli Slack.


Thieves & Shadows self titled EP - 'Thieves & Shadows', released February 2013.

Set List

Cold Hands
Better Off
Unnamed Song