Thieves of Tradition

Thieves of Tradition

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Independent Hip-Hop with a Soul


Thieves of Tradition is a three piece Hip-Hop Band featuring the scorching rhymes of MC Trace Element, the Smoking Beats and Smooth Guitar Riffs of Micah Math, and Turntable Virtuosity of DJ Prince Panhandler. Thieves of Tradition has ripped up the stage in some of NYC’s premier live music venues over the last 2 years such as the Knitting Factory, Bowery Poetry Club, and the Living Room. Their new album “Life Like” is traditional Hip-Hop with a grooving Rock and Funk vibe. It has some of the hottest rhymes ever spit over beats that make your soul move and cuts so deep they draw blood. With additional Vocals by smoldering songstresses Killjoy and Elana, and even more ill cuts by DJ White Owl, this album has the making of a hit.


Thieves of Tradition "Life Like"

Set List

Sharp nickels, Correct your Spelling, Things, Common Space, Armagedon, Its Like Its Life, Glide, Sickman's Symphony, Hooks R 4 Crooks (usually 7-10 songs)
30-50 minutes all Original, Beat, Rap, Scratch, with either live band, or a blend of live/electronic