Thin Air

Thin Air


Avant garde free and flowing jazz with a fusion of vocal poetry. In the genre of it's own. A unique layered and eclectic sound on the cutting edge of Jazz Rap.


Thin Air is a diverse group of musicians playing freestyle jazz.

Tetsufumi Ito, on bass/guitar. A native of Japan he is an experienced musician with a unique style that has an eastern flavor.

Phil Bullaro, drums/percussion is an experienced drummer with cool jazz beats. His sound is all rhythm that makes the feet want to move.

J-Cherry, poetry/vocals is a poet and singer. She has been writing since her early teens. When she performs her sound is a cross between Jim Morrison and Mazzy Star. She is sure to take places you’ve never been.

Jay Anderson, guitar/piano is young lad with a gift of music. At the tender age of 16 some have compared him to a musical prodigy.