A fiery improvisational trio whose intricate song-structures and positive lyrics serve to create an interesting amalgam of jam, pop, and rock.


For more than a decade psychedelic groove-rockers, Thinking Plyers, have been electrifying audiences with their dynamic live performances. They are a power trio known best for their fiery jams, infectious melodies, and captivating stage presence. These seasoned performers fly through an impressive repertoire of original material and obscure covers with sheer virtuosity, soul, and a little humor, too. Thinking Plyers are dedicated to preserving the high-energy rock ‘n’ roll experience begun by 60’s rockers like The Beatles, the Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix. The scope of their music stretches far beyond the limits of traditional Rock music with Classical and Americana providing much of the inspiration for their songs. Their improvisational dialect is taken more from Jazz and East Indian music than from other jam bands; offering a refreshing new sound that is edgy and raw, yet strangely soothing – think Van Morrison and Pink Floyd meets Rush with a hint of Ravi Shankar, if you will.

Thinking Plyers formed in South Louisiana in 1993 when the Westbrook twins invited Colin Allured, a new student, to join their school’s jazz band. The jazz band lasted only a few months but the rhythm section played on, eventually adopting their curious moniker, Thinking Plyers. The spelling of the word “pliers” was altered to imply a deeper meaning — Travelers of Thought.

What began as youthful experimentation has since become a way of life. Thinking Plyers is now a full-time operation and has experienced tremendous success and growth in recent years. Since dedicating themselves to the road back in 2001, they have played over 150 self-booked shows throughout the Southeast US, aggressively pursuing local press, radio, and TV outlets in every market they visit. In an effort to steer clear of typical Music Industry pitfalls, the Plyers have resolved to building their fanbase the grassroots way — one fan at a time. With a mailing list that continues to steadily multiply and currently rests at 10-fold what it was only two years ago, its quite obvious they must be doing something right!

In March of 2003 Thinking Plyers released their third independent album, Fourteen Real Dreams. It is a concept album that takes the listener on a 70-minute journey through the dreamscapes of a mind not unlike his own, twisting and turning through emotions, sounds, and styles in a cohesive flow of eclecticism that represents the very best of Thinking Plyers as composers, performers, and thought travelers. The self-produced release was recorded in Nashville and features several notable players including saxophonist Jeff Coffin (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) and pedal steel guitarist Shan Farmer (Ricochet). Psychedelic artist William Fields painted the stunning cover pieces, Eye of the Sphinx and Magus.

With a decade of experience as a creative unit, an intense do-it-yourself attitude, and a grassroots approach to touring, Thinking Plyers are fast becoming an undeniable musical force. Experience their sound today!


Ananda Dream

Written By: Thinking Plyers

Just give me that happy dream
When her soft breath tells the secret
That we are One
Under this bright and burning Sun

Shiva music is a rescue rope
From the trap of time to the thought of hope
And the moment that you’ve judged is already gone
But you can join me here anytime you want
Look me in the eyes
We’re all gonna die
Yes we are all gonna die someday
So then why should I stand here merrily singing
Ah it’s just a whisper to Eternity
It’s just the breeze to Eternity
It’s just something between you and me
Like the birds just know how to fly

So just give me that happy dream
When her soft breath tells the secret
That we are One
Under this bright and burning Sun

Om Eim Saraswatiyeh Swaha

Nashville Ballad

Written By: Thinking Plyers

Cold beer and a loaded gun
And worn out memories of you
Another Friday night here in paradise is coming true

I gotta tight grip on the bottle
And a loose hold on my mind
I’ve been holding back these tears for years and I still don’t feel like crying

Though I just traded my name for a number in a line
Now I’m down on my knees praying up to the sky
And the business man with the dollar sign in his eye

I’ve got a corner place down on Broadway
Next to the hottest club in town
I’ve got an old guitar case filled with loose change laying out on the ground

And there’s a family from Wisconsin standing ‘round
Oh they’re laughing as I pour my song out over the sound
Of the car horns and the tourists all around

Well you can tell my Momma I’m doing fine
And I’ll be on the Grand Ole Opry in no time
And they’ll be singing songs about Willie, Waylon, and me
And I’ll buy myself a fancy farm and I’ll grow money trees
With my forty acres and my mule from Tennessee

Empty beer and a smoking gun
A bloodstained letter to you
Another rising star here in paradise has fallen through

So I hope you enjoyed my final song
‘cause I wrote it all just for you
About the man who came to claim his forty acres and a mule


Thinking Plyers - 1999
Cosmic Romance - 2000
Fourteen Real Dreams - 2003

Set List

Ganesh (East Indian Invocation)
Cripple Creek (The Band)
Saw You Dancing (Original)
Blue Monk (Jazz Standard)
King Visualizer (Original)
Divin In (Original)
A Bump in the Road (Original)
Shadow in a Wave (Original)
She Leaves (Original)
You Ain't Going Nowhere (Bob Dylan)
Whiskey River (Willie Nelson)
Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead)
Long Road (Original)
Midnight Run To Kingston (Original Instrumental)
Funk Song (Original)
Ain't No Stoppin us Now (Disco!!!)
Besides Him (Original)
Nashville Ballad (Original)
Linus One(Original)
Linus Two (Original)
Linus Three (Original)
Linus Five (Original)
Beloved (Original)
Guru Song (Original)
Cord's Cold Bus (Original)
Take 5 (Dave Brubeck)
The Flame (Original)
Rhagupathy (East Indian Traditional)
Eldorado (Edgar Alan Poe)
Yi Girl of the Mallet (Original)
Snowman Blues (Original)