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"Rock N Roll Savior"

For those who fear the demise of rock n roll, it is time to rejoice ThinkNoThink your rock n roll savior has arrived. Weaving old school American rock with layers of sick fuzz, and drone. Front man John Dowey has a voice from another dimension, and channels demons through his guitar. He is able to send his words up your spine, and into your soul. This power trio also features Henry F. White on bass, and Nick Bukowski on drums, providing a heavy unrelenting backbone to their sound. This is the band you live for, this is the band you dreamed about, listen and prepare for rock n roll salvation.

Boo Bo Records - Boo Bo Records


"A Song for the Desert"-2011
"Living or Dreaming"-2012



ThinkNoThink started in March of 2012 in the Living Room of John Dowey's home where they recorded their 7" EP "Living or Dreaming." Since then, they have played many shows and built a strong fan base. With influences that range from classic Soul and R&B to the drones of more avante-garde composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen and Steve Reich, they are eclectic and moving. The band continues to work very hard and looks forward to meeting audiences around the world.