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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Thinner at The Lucky Dog"

"Any band that can transport me back a decade to when I was first seeing concerts and music was magic, to do that in this day and age.... Well fuck you if you think I'm sharing them. They're too damn good. Come to the next show and fight for floor space like the rest of us rabid fans." - Tintern

"The Noise March 06 CD Review"

THINNER Red Fleck Lives Here
5 songs
Don’t tell anyone that these guys aren’t really an English pop band. They might hurt you. This new slab from Thinner is catchy as fuck. You will want to sing along with every melody and chime with every guitar and air drum till the cows come home. If Bram Tchaikovsky ever reunited and made an indie record, the single would be “Colourform Girls”! And hey—If you guys are so into the Brit pop thing, then why isn’t it “Colourform Girls”?? There are so many wondrous layers within each track that repeated listening is required and most welcome. It is all too rare that such great songs and such delicious ear candy can go so hand in hand, and for that I give much sonic kudos to producer Roger Lavallee, who is no stranger to the concept of layered texture. I will be listening to this EP for quite some time to come. Yow! (Joel Simches)

- Joel Simches

"Wormtown Review"

Wormtown’s favorite mod pop band is back bringing mid-'60s England to you in Technicolor. It was often dreary outside and the unemployment rate was high, but the music was great. "9:45" pulls listeners in right away with its ragged distorted guitars and hollow reverberating drums. Lead singer Neil Lucey sings of smoking and drinking with a Lou Reed swagger. With a chorus of early Who-like harmonies, the song’s a winner. On "Colorform Girls," Ruggy sounds closer to Ray Davies from the Kinks.Lucey and Ruggy kick in the trippy harmonies to complete that feeling. Along with the '60s influences, I hear a lot of Squeeze in "Fabulously Fading." Throughout the song, Lucey’s bassline is subtle, but kicks ass. There’s also a quirky keyboard sound throughout the tune. That faux British accent usually bugs the hell out of me, but sounds kind off cool when Lucey does it. Lucey captures the obsessive ness of music fans when he sings, "You play your records, by yourself. You make no difference to nobody else."

It makes for the catchiest song on the CD. "Shamely" comes in a close second with a sound that’s a bit early Who and a bit more '80s like say, The Strawberry Zots. Thinner ends the EP with, "Red Feck Lives Here," a quirky happy sing-a-long. All and all these five songs did the trick for me. It’s a record of joyous unpretentious rock and roll. What more could you want?
- Phil McNamara


Thinner (self titled)
Sonic Dinner
The Rodger Project
Red Feck Lives Here


Feeling a bit camera shy


So the story begins with the number 11 on the volume knob and a mysterious "K" chord that rolls off Ruggy's guitar and punches your chest from across the room. Ah, and of course the crisp Heineken and smell of stale beer on the amps. After four full length releases and a fifth on the way we think it's time you dial in to Thinner and get to know them.

They've shared the stage with a number of fantastic artists both locally and nationally including the recent reunions of The Neighborhoods and Jim Caroll. The list also includes the likes of The Fleshtones, The Lyres, The Sheila Devine, Huck, The Curtain Society, Musclecah, The Bees Knees, The Dents, The Charms, Downbeat 5, Apollo Sunshine, Frank Smith and on and on and on.

Thinner has honed their craft recording with Sir David James Minehan at Wooly Mammoth Sound in Boston, MA, as well as with Rodger Lavallee at The Tremolo Lounge, West Boylston, MA. The band has four full length CD's and has just released a critically acclaimed EP "Red Feck Lives Here".

In fact, the title track "Red Feck Lives Here" is an interesting story. The band was working on a new tune and in need of a working title when Ruggy pops open a Magic Hat #9 and, as you may already know, Magic Hat has a series of message and sayings on the back of the bottle covers. Anyhow, Red Feck Lives Here was the message inside the cap and thus became the title of the new song and there you have it. When the EP's are finally printed we'll be sure to fire a copy off to the folks at Magic Hat for their magical inspiration.

An interesting quote from a fan at a recent show:

"Let me put it this way, I'm a musician, I see numerous bands all the time, listen to CDs 24/7 so I'm easily jaded. I listen to a lot of different styles, everything from Sonic Youth to Shakira. It takes a damn lot to impress me. It takes even more to make me shake my moneymaker. When I find myself pogoing to 1/2 dozen songs after already playing a show tonight then I know I'm onto something. Don't take my word for it though, you shouldn't. Ask the women throwing themselves onstage, the ones flashing the band, ask the club patrons eagerly buying shots for the band, ask the entire front half of a club that was bouncing insanely for over an hour - ask the crowd that was still there at 1:30am - a far more energetic and with-it crowd than I've seen at most places at 10am. Ask everyone who left there with a hoover dam sized grin, oh wait, was that the whole crowd? Welcome to Thinner"

So that's the end of the first chapter, stay tuned for the next one ...