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Johannesburg, South Africa | Established. Jan 01, 2006

Johannesburg, South Africa
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"NEW ALBUM: "All By Myself" by ThiNXx"

Hip-hop emcee and artist ThiNXx may have self-produced his new release, appropriately titled “All By Myself,” but he’s a team player. Having collaborated with dozens of others in the business, ThiNXx appears on international compilations of hip-hop spearheaded by Issuez7 as well as “Scarecrow Tactics,” an EP produced by the Canadian Waatu Music and Bassist Shep on Bass of the UK. He also runs, a grassroots effort by artists to promote social justice and bring about meaningful change through the platform hip-hop provides.

Originally from Johannesburg and now signed with Arcadia Records, ThiNXx practices what he preaches and infuses his music with rich, contemplative lyrics one doesn’t normally hear in this genre. “All By Myself” contains lyrics such as “Tryin’ to build myself a house / With just a hammer and some nails / Would you chop the wood for someone else / And would you help them if you could / Guess I’m so misunderstood / That I just can’t see the good” (Punch in the Facebook). In “Yesterday,” ThiNXx pays tribute to a lost friend and expresses gratitude for the relationship they had, saying “Thanks for shaking my hand that day / Thanks for your introduction / Thank you very much for being my friend / Thanks for the time that you stayed.”

“NO News; GOOD News” is the pinnacle of the album’s funk-inspired beats and sanguine message. Some of the instrumental tracks border on chaotic, but the steady, streamlined sound, smattering of strings, and lines like “Right all the wrongs your life before you’re gone / Live life with no regrets / Make sure everything is done” encapsulate what this album is all about: living a meaningful life, and sounding damn good doing it. - KO Music Promotion & Management

"New Music: ThiNXx- Excuse ME (Demo)"

There is a new demo from one my absolute favorite underground hip hop artists, ThiNXx. ThiNXx is an independent hip hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. He spits stories and ideas with lyricism that is nearly unmatched in all of hip hop.

Not only does he run, he is also a graffiti artist and signed to the Michigan based collaborative, Arcadiac Records. He has also gotten recognition from major sources and even Strange Famous Records.

What ThiNXx has to say about this track:

“I finished writing this while travelling through the Karroo(EC) around 3 hours before the SA President finally addressed parliament and stated categorically that he would not “pay back the money”. I mean why would he; it’s only more money than most people see in their entire lives and it’s not like South Africans need housing or hospitals at all… right? Not to mentions it’s only Tax money and he needed to upgrade his house, so why not? I hope you sensed my sarcasm there as well as the manner in which the president is always able to find the humor in everything he is supposed to care about. This is a protest song and I ask that you share it far and wide in the hope that citizens of South Africa do eventually get a say in their county and can proudly say that their taxes are funding more than just the prevalent corruption that runs rife through the veins of our political system. I know this is not a problem unique to SA but it is where I’m from and I feel it’s extremely important we can the message across, unite and conquer these horrifying evils that occur daily”.

Checkout this awesome track and learn more about ThiNXx here: - Jeffrey Johnson - KnowMoreMusic

"New Music: ThiNXx- Excuse ME"

South African hip hop extraordinaire, member of Arcadiac Records and the mastermind behind, ThiNXx, is back with his first new track and video since loosing his voice several months ago. While he is still unable to record new music, he felt this track had to get out. “Excuse Me” was released as a demo late last year, but has since been completed and readied for release.

This is a song of political protest and a song about corruption. Making note and emphasizing the importance of having a voice and demanding that the government take responsibility for their actions. The political corruption in South Africa is rampant and the people are suffering. Help spread this message far and wide, this is not just a South African problem, many of us can relate to these views, but it is very important.

Take a listen to the new track and watch ThiNXx’s new accompanying video below: - jeffreyjohnson2 - KnowMoreMusic


"Excuse Me" is the Official single offering from ThiNXx put together as a protest song against corruption and abuse of power. It's free to download and available here

"Speechless" is the debut instrumental album from South African hip-hop artist, "ThiNXx" . “Speechless” because the world shocks me into submission practically every single day without fail"... Artwork by Jim Baum (Citizen of/Fastax). Get it here

"I Love the Way You Remix" is the ThiNXx Remix of the track "I Love the Way You Hate Me" Taken from the "Sentiments to Cinders" release. Get it here

"FRAGMENTZ" (fragment (noun/plural noun: fragments ˈfraɡm(ə)nt/ - 1. a small part broken off or separated from something) is a sample and free instrumental EP of all new tracks for your listening pleasure. All the vocal elements have been extracted from other songs to form something completely new. Hope you dig it! Although this EP is entirely free any and the entirety of the amount you decide to pay will be donated directly to 's "Seeds of hope in Nepal's horror" campaign to help aid the victims of the recent and horrific earthquake. Artwork by Lee Willis of Onboard Balloon, Get your copy here

"The Violence of Fem" is a self produced single released 14 December 2014 and available here

The Cassette Tape version of "All By Myself" is the solo album of South African hip hop / rapper ThiNXx. Composing home-made beats and introspective lyrics, ThiNXx raps and rhymes in a old school hip hop way. Completely underground, the style of beats bounce with the vocals.  “ABMS” is a multi-themed offering of tracks crossed with instrumentals to convey the journey of isolation in the life of an artist dedicated to focusing on one's goals earnestly, and not being swayed despite various distractions and hindrances along the way.  Limited to 40 red tint c40 cassettes and available exclusively via I had An Accident Records here

"All By Myself" is the debut Album from South African hip-hop artist, "ThiNXx" and his first self-produced project since his 2010 offering, "White Paper Blackouts". It's also his first official release on Arcadiac Records! “ABMS” is a multi-themed offering of tracks crossed with instrumentals to convey the journey of isolation in the life of an artist dedicated to focusing on one's goals earnestly, and not being swayed despite various distractions and hindrances along the way. Artwork by Jim Baum (Citizen of/Fastax) Get it here

"illusive" is a collection of older, self-produced tracks that have been sat on for a while along and now available here

Ballpoint Magician is the prelude single to the upcoming debut EP titled Scarecrow Tactics from Patient Zero. Ballpoint Magician features ThiNXx who represents South Africa in the 1st round of the Patient Zero take-over. Get your copy via "Bitnormal Records" here

Undo, Cut, Copy based bold is a single released in 2013. Get it here



ThiNXx is an independent hip hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa and has been actively involved in various genres of music since around 1997 including punk bands, instrumental hiphop groups and even as a house DJ under the alias “Fly,” attaining various residencies across Johannesburg before leaving for the U.K. in 2004 where he played at various bars and clubs. He returned South Africa in May 2006 with a resolve to enter the world of hip hop music.

He has since released numerous projects, mixtapes and singles working alongside artists from around the world including Phil G the Knowbody(US), Waatu Music(CAN), Shep on Bass(of Wrists, UK), Mainvein(JHB) Immaculate Mentality(JHB)and Allison Truj(US). He has also performed at various local shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town including Splash Jam, Babylon, Wordplay, The Indie Hip-hop Expo as well as a few others sharing stages with the likes of Sage Francis, Hymphatic Thabs, Yugen Blakrok, Ewok, Fifi the Rai Blaster, Power of Thought & Slege Lee to name a few.

In 2013 ThiNXx was featured on various projects and compilations including “Moving with the Tymez” (March) a compilation of different sounds and styles from hiphop artists all over the world put together by Issuez7(UK); “Issuez7 & Waatu are Agent Provocateur”, (June) alongside Passive65ive(UK), Hobs Sputnik(US),Tank Wonderful(US), Duke01 and scratches by DJ Man-One(UK) and also in “Patient Zero” (June) an international collaboration group between Canadian producer Waatu Music and UK Bassist Shep on Bass where he drops the lyrics on their debut single “Ballpoint Magician” from the “Scarecrow Tactics” EP which also features the likes of Turtle Handz (US), Tusken Coalition (UK) & Dyzlexic (AUS). He then also featured on another compilation by Issuez7 called “The Microphone Monologuez” alongside artists like Billy Woods, Atari Blitzkrieg, C Rayz Walz, Tame One, Masai Bey and many more. The track featured is a remix for his track “Doesn’t Matter, Huh??” put together by Patient Zero.

In October 2013, ThiNXx joined Arcadiac Records, a Michigan based collaborative alongside Eager Maniacs, Fast Tactics (FASTAX), Gerko, Onboard Balloon, Petty Tyrants, The Sisu Kid & Walking With Balance to re-release his 2012 project “Sentiments to Cinders” with an all new cover and lyrics to suite.

In November 2013, ThiNXx was also chosen as a finalist in the Strange Famous Records, No Bird Sing – “Don’t Think” remix contest up against various producers from all over the planet.

In 2014 ThiNXx released his debut album, a self-produced, multi-themed offering of tracks crossed with instrumentals titled “All By Myself”; this would also be his first official release on Arcadiac Records! He then also featured on the UsNatives instrumental compilation “Oddiology” alongside various producers from all over the world with his track “Sunny Day Turns Night”.

On 31 October 2014, ThiNXx released a limited edition cassette tape version of his “All by Myself” album via I had An Accident Records and it was now officially available in various countries around the globe including US, France and Japan.

In August 2015, ThiNXx performed alongside Sage Francis at Iron Tusk(JHB) as the part of the South African leg of his “Going Through Hell 2015” world tour. He was also the opening DJ for this event.

In September 2015, ThiNXx released his debut instrumental album called "Speechless", again on Arcadiac Records. This album was purposely bland and reflective to try relay his sentiments toward the modern world as he saw it and how it made him feel, with particular focus on the human race and how people acted toward each other. During the same month he released a demo track called “Excuse Me” aimed directly at the S.A president and corruption that he felt running rife through the very core of the South African government.

ThiNXx also runs an NGO website called “ do”, trying to bring indie hip hop artists and general awareness to people across the globe, is an artist concerned with hip-hop and world activism, and is a firm believer that music and artists can change the world.

He is currently working on a number of projects and collaborations due to release in the not-too-distant future.

ThiNXx is available for interviews and guest appearances upon request and his website is regularly updated for those looking for more information.