Third Candle

Third Candle

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Progressive, experimental rock, atmospheric melodic under tones, with soothing to aggressive male volcals.


Progressive-experimental band Third Candle began as a high school project in the suburbs of Atlanta back in 2004 when lead guitarist Bobby Gray and drummer Chase Boyer started jamming around dropped D guitar riffs and alternate time signatures. Eventually the pair recruited original bass player Michael Tillman. After a short time, current bassist Brock LaCroix joined the project and the three began playing small instrumental shows around metro-Atlanta. When vocalist Kris Scherer was added in 2009, the band’s sound shifted from songs laden with dark, eerie instrumental passages to slightly brighter, emotional-based compositions, still retaining a heavy element of thick distortion and a strong bottom end. After the addition of Scherer, they began working on their EP Puzzles of the Ocean, released in 2010. Tillman rejoined on guitar and keys for the release of their first LP, Puzzles of the Ocean, in 2011. Puzzles features an eclectic array of choral guitar-work, percussive drumming, and strikingly raw power vocals. The band currently resides in Atlanta.


LP - Puzzles of the Ocean (2011)

EP - Puzzles of the Ocean (2010)

Set List

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Dry Rain
Blue Rose
3/4 Reborn

(approx. 45 min)