Third Eye - Tribute to TOOL

Third Eye - Tribute to TOOL

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TOOL tribute band from Opiate thru 10k days.


We are four inspired fans that decided to study the emotional sounds of TOOL. We tend to get lost in the psychedelic melodies that drives through our core Self when we play TOOL live. We celebrate the influence of their art with all the TOOL fans in local venues. For us playing TOOL is more emotional than technical. The greatest experience of TOOL is experiencing them live. We share the same desire with all TOOL fans of wishing TOOL would tour more often in the Midwest. We all have our favorite TOOL songs which we would love to witness LIVE, which brings us to our manifestation of THIRD EYE. Not everyone has had the opportunity to experience such songs live as Opiate, Pushit, Sober, Eulogy, Part of Me, etc. It is our intention and dedication to perform all of TOOL’s big hits, old and new, live for your entertainment. So far every show has turned out more and more fans. We have such a blast playing in front of so many TOOL fans in a crowded venue. We hope to see you at our next performance for an evening of nothing but…..…TOOL!


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We have always headlined 90min-120min shows. Last year we played a gig at the BBC and played two 90min sets totalling 3hrs of music. Songs such as Part of Me, Opiate, Prison Sex, Sober, H, Pushit, Aenima, The Grudge, Lateralus, Jambi, The Pot, & many more!